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CD review IRON REAGAN "Tyranny of will"

Veröffentlicht am 7. September 2014 von Markus W. in Iron Reagan, DRI, MOD, Hardcore, Thrash Metal, Crossover, CD Review, News

(8/10) Here comes the new strike by Iron Reagan. Started in 2012 the trip of the Richmond, Virginia based five-piece band continues. Iron Reagan is a side project of Municipal Waste members. It's Landphil Hall on guitar and Tony Foresta (v) from the thrash band and the line-up is completed by Rob Skotis (b), Ryan Parrish (d) and Mark Bronzino (g).

The project released already one full length album in 2013 which got the name "Worse than dead" followed by their newst record "The tyranny of will".

The music of the band reflects the older crossover heroes from Gang Green and D.R.I up to Nuclear Assault. At least those are the bands which popped up in my mind when I heard "Tyranny of will" the first time. It's the mix between thrash like from Municipal Waste, hardcore and some punk elements. The whole package isn't very new, but it feels good to hear this kind of music again. 

The title track "Tyranny of will" opens up the album, followed by typical crossover anthems like "I won't go" and "Eyeball gore". This is a starting triple which revitalises the old crossover days. The shortest song has just 14 seconds and is called "Your kid's an asshole" followed by the 21 seconds track "Patriotic shock". The tunes are right to the point. No decoration - just raw unleashed power. 

All songs aren't longer than 2 minutes and something. All the songs? No wrong. The bouncer "Four more years" has with 4 minutes an almost epical length. It's a heavy groover which rounds of "Tyranny of will". But the strength of the album is when it's fast and compromisless.

If Municipal Waste is the rebirth of 80's thrash metal, than Iron Reagan is the pendant for crossover fans. If D.R.I., M.O.D. and Gang Green are your favorites you should check out "Tyranny of will".





  1. Tyranny of will
  2. I won't go
  3. Eyeball gore
  4. Close to toast
  5. Bet on black
  6. Miserable failure
  7. The living skull
  8. In greed we trust
  9. Glocking out
  10. Rat shit
  11. U lock the bike cop
  12. Broken bottles
  13. Bleeding frenzy
  14. Bored in death
  15. Class holes
  16. Obsolete man
  17. Nameless
  18. Exit the game
  19. Your kid is an asshoe
  20. Patriotic shock
  21. Bill of fights
  22. Consensual harassment
  23. Just say go
  24. Four more years


Label: Relapse Records

Genre: Hardcore

CD review IRON REAGAN "Tyranny of will"