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CD review IAMTHEMORNING "Belighted"

Veröffentlicht am 12. September 2014 von Markus W. in IAMTHEMORNING, Prog Rock, Rock, CD Review, News, Tori Amos, Kate Bush

(7/10) What are your first thoughts when you hear a band name like IAmTheMorning? Do you think about heavy riff, crunchy guitars and growls? No. You think about the beginning of a day, sunlight, birds ... OK, before my romantic part becomes too dominant I stop with it.

But in one or another way IAmTheMorning sounds like this. A few days ago I published a review from MayBeSheWill. And the similarties of both bands is much bigger than just that they have an intersting way of writing the band's name.

It's the sound and the expression of their music that unites them. IAmTheMorning has also big arcs of melodies and harmonies. It has almost a classical touch ("Crowded corridors" with the piano solo) but in the end we are talking here about soulful prog rock. A view on their list of inspiration proves this too. Composers like Debussy are on the list next to prog icons like Tool and Riverside. Talking about the influencers. "Belighted" has with Gavin Harrison (Porcupine Tree, Kig Crimson) a well known guest in the album.

The heart of the band is classical pianist Gleb Kolyadin and singer Marjana Syomkina. The self-taught vocalist has with her vocals a big imapct on the sound of the album. She reminded my with her high vocals to Tori Amos and Kate Bush ("Romance"), eventhough she doesn't reach the extraordinardy level of those two girls. If those two singers belong to you fave list you should give IAmTheMorning a chance. You will like it.

The tracks on the album are releaxed prog rock. It has not even remotely to do with metal. It's also not heavy, but it's worth to listen to.

I think that "Belighted" is a good album that maybe will find more fans outside the metal scene. But who knows...





  1. Intermission IX
  2. The howler
  3. To human misery
  4. Intermission X
  5. Romance
  6. The simple story
  7. Intermission XI
  8. 54
  9. Crowded corridors
  10. Gerde
  11. Os lunatum
  12. Intermission XII
  13. K.O.S.
  14. Reprise of light no light
  15. Intermission XIII


Label: kscope

Genre: Rock


CD review IAMTHEMORNING "Belighted"