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CD review EVERGREY "Hymns for the broken"

Veröffentlicht am 25. September 2014 von Markus W. in Evergrey, Power Metal, Prog Metal, Heavy Metal, CD Review, News

(8/10) Progressive power metal news from Sweden. It is Evergrey from Gothenmburg, who is back with a new album called "Hymns for the broken". The band, that is active already since 1995 has released so far eight albums with number nine waiting to be released.

The constant factor in the band is singer Tom Englund who's vocals are closely connected to the sound of Evergey and he is the only one in the current line-up, who is part of the five-piece from the beginning. But the band went also through some changes when it comes to the line-up. First fact. Guitarist Henrik Danhage is back. He was part of the band already between 2000 and 2010. But also Johan Niemann, the drummer, reunited with Evergrey.

So, having mentioned the change - what is the effect? I must say that I always had the band on my radar and like their mix of power metal with a progressive touch. And with the newest album Evergrey delivered another great metal record.

Of course an album like this can't start with just a song. Evergrey always creates atmospheres as well. Listening to their albums creates pictures in your mind. Therefore the intro "The awakening" is a good beginning. It seamless continues with "King of errors", a song that reminds me very much to Queensryche when it comes to the guitars. "A new dawn" with the dark heavy riffing and the melancholic "Wake a change" complete the great starting triple.

"Archaic rage" is probabaly the most intense song on the album. It's a more than six minutes long track with heavy guitars, pianos, a powerful groove and Tom Englund's vocals as the cherry on the cake.

What I have as a remark is that the songs might include a few too mainy gimmicks. There are the spoken words in the intro, the children choir on "The fire", spoken words (make and female) again in the fulminanate "The grand collapse",...  For me it's too much eventhough I have to say that it is at no point annoying. It just takes away a bit the attention from the great songs.

The most soulful number on the album comes towards the end. "Missing you" is a purely piano instrumented tune together with the vcoals Of Englund. An anthem that shows the capabilities of the the man behind the mic.

Like the other albums of the band as well the songs are powerful but also demanding. It's not just an easy listeing record. If you want to experience the full joy of "Hymns for the broken" you have to invest the time to listen to the entire album - with earphones. It's well spend time.





  1. The awakening
  2. Kings of errors
  3. A new dawn
  4. Wake a change
  5. Archaic rage
  6. Barricades
  7. Black undertow
  8. The fire
  9. Hymns fro the broken
  10. Missing you
  11. The grand collapse
  12. The aftermath


Label: AFM

Genre: Power Metal

CD review EVERGREY "Hymns for the broken"