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CD review ENCHANT "The great divide"

Veröffentlicht am 29. September 2014 von Markus W. in Enchant, Rock, Heavy Metal, Prog Rock, Prog Metal, CD Review, News

(8/10) Enchant is back - after a decay without release. The prog metal band from the US managed to release a new album called "The last divide". It took the band ten years to release this album and it follows the 2003 album "Tug of war". 

There are several reasons why it took the band that long, but the most important thing is that they are back. The material is basically new written stuff. An exeption is the riff from the opener "Circles" which Douglas A. Ott wrote already when he was seventeen years old. From this moment on he tried to get the riff recorded and it took till today before he succeeded. But now it's out and it kick-off a cool prog rock album.

The sound of Enchant can be still described as prog-rock; somewhere between Marillion and Saga. Next to the guitar sound of Ott it is the basslines from Ed Platt (listen to e.g. "The great divide") and the characteristic vocals from Ted Leonard. His clear and sometimes melancholic vocals transport the lyrics of the songs in an excellent way. Listening to him feels like listening to a singing narrator. 

On of the heaviest songs on "The great divide" is "All mixed up". The tune starts with a heavy riff that continues as a main motive throughout the songs, eventhough there are some breaks along the way. Not a surprise that the track is with four minutes also the shortest one on the CD. 

The more heavy eruption is followed by "Transparent man" - a tune that has with the very catchy melody some hit-potential. The song sticks immediately and is easy digestable.

Another great prog rocker is "Deserve to feel". It's a mix from rocking parts like in the beginning, when a strong groove with a loud guitar dominates the scene. Than Leonard's soulful vocals starts, which gives the song another twist. But the powerful prog elements come back by keyboard sequences, reminding to Saga, and rocking guitar solos.

After ten years Enchant can still release good prog rock albums that are better than stuff from a lot of other bands. Also compared to the latest disappointments from Asia and Yes finally a treat for the prog ears again.





  1. Circles
  2. Within an inch
  3. The great divide
  4. All mixed up
  5. Transparent man
  6. Ife in a shadow
  7. Deserve to feel
  8. Here and now


Genre: Prog Metal

Label: InsideOut

CD review ENCHANT "The great divide"