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CD review EMERGENCY GATE "Infected"

Veröffentlicht am 30. September 2014 von Markus W. in Emergency Gate, Modern Metal, Metalcore, Death Metal, CD Review, News

(5/10) What on earth is this? Emergency Gate from Bavaria, Germany released a new record called "Infected" and I wonder what I should say about it.

The band started in 1996 and has released already several records. "Infected" is already number of Valsi Doose, Udo Simon and friends and I doubt if this one leads to the big breakthrough. In total the five piece recorded 12 songs that are mainly a mix of melodic death metal and metalcore.

Let's have a look on the positive parts first. Emergency Gate transfers a lot of power with the tracks, but also the sound. The production supports the music in an excellent way. It feels that the guys really like what they do. They also have a pretty good sense for melodies which comes back in a few number of tracks.

The downers on the album are the songs itself. They don't sound new and fresh. Of course they haven't been released earlier, but Emergency Gate also doesn't really manage to give the tunes an own twist. It sounds like 'heard many times before'. There are a lot of bands out there that try to harvest from the same fields and the guys from Bavaria are just one of them.

Than there is the metalcore-rap hybrid "We wanna party". Maybe I missed the sense of humor, but this song is a total black-out. The middle part of the track is the worst I have heard since many month. If you want to listen to a good performance of such a compination listen to Obituary's "Bullituary"

And who had the idea to start a song like "The beginning" with this 80's dancefloor keyboards. And not that those are only present in this tune. They are coming back in several songs on the album. For me a bit too much. This strange crossover mix doesn't work for me. Sorry guys. Maybe next time.





  1. Sons of the second
  2. Going under
  3. Revelation
  4. Your last smile
  5. Crushing down
  6. We wanna party
  7. Infected nightmare
  8. Drowning in hate
  9. The beginning
  10. Pathetic me
  11. Loving hate
  12. Peace of mind


Label: Fastball

Genre" Metalcore


CD review EMERGENCY GATE "Infected"