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CD review ELECTRIC WIZARD "Time to die"

Veröffentlicht am 29. September 2014 von Markus W. in Electric Wizard, Doom Metal, Classic Rock, Heavy Metal, CD Review, News, Triptykon

(8/10) Elecric Wizard released a new album called "Time to die" a few days ago. It is the first release after the 2010 album "Black Masses".

The doom metal band has worked on another mean piece of doom metal combined with some occult metal influences. Listening to the nine new tracks feels like a journey into the abyss.

Starting with dabbling water and some spoken words the ten minutes long opener kickstarts this trip. Down-tuned guitars and a threatening atmosphere brings cold sweat on your forehead. Those riffs are going right into your stomach. Also the title track "Time to die" follows the same principle. Slow and intense the doom metal rolls over you and doesn't take any prisoners. "Destroy those who love god" changes the pattern a bit. Distorted spoken words are the base for this song combined with a heavy guitar riff that in an almost endless repetition hammers the message into your head.

This album achieves what the band wanted to achieves. It is very black, it's dizzying, it is depressive and oppressive. All well framed in nine chapters. One of those is "We love the dead" which gets the atmosphere across pretty well. The slow guitars celebrate a Black Sabbath like riff that is performed to almost hypnotise the listener.

"Time to die" isn't an easy album. It's no musical quickie; it needs dedication and time to discover the diabolic abyss. After the last Triptykon album one of the most intense records this year. The right soundtrack for November.





  1. Incense for the damned
  2. Time to die
  3. I am nothing
  4. Destroy those who love god
  5. Funeral of your mind
  6. We love the dead
  7. SadioWitch
  8. Lucifer's slaves
  9. Saturn dethroned


Label: Spinefarm Records

Genre:; Doom Metal

CD review ELECTRIC WIZARD "Time to die"