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CD review AMPLIFIER "Mystoria"

Veröffentlicht am 5. September 2014 von Markus W. in Amplifier, Rock, Prog Rock, Alternative Rock, CD Review, News

(7/10) To my knowledge the story of "Mystoria" started already in 2011 when Amplifier released their masterpiece "The Octopus". Actually it should have been two records; "The Octupus" and "Mystoria". Last but not least Amplifier released the first mentioned one as a double album, while the second one disappeared into the nowhere.

The next steps in the career of the band was the 2013 release "Echo street" which sounded very different from the predessecor. It was more rock album with some very silent sounds too.

Now, in 2014 we can participate in the revitalization of "Mystoria". The quartet always mentioned that they are still working on the album and now it's ready. Sel Balamir and his bandmates released an album which surprises. It has nothing from the wild and boisterous "The Octopus" and also rocks more than the last release. For me it seems like mix from those two records.

The ten songs on the record are a bit more basic and grounded. This fits the band very well. And the guys from Manchester are brave ones. They decided to kick-off the record with an instrumental called "Magic carpet". It's in my opinion one of the best songs on the album; also since it is a very straight forward track, dominated by the guitars.

Than there are the moments when I had the feeling to hear an influence from The Beatles like on "Cat's cradle". This track is probabaly one of the mosty catchy ones Amplifier ever released. "Crystal anthem" shows some parallels with the famous four from Liverpool as well. Actually I was in parts also reminded to Saigon Kick.

In the middle part the album gets a more psychedelic touch which is mainly based on the six minutes long "Open up" and "OMG". 

In general a good alternative rock album which doens't reach the high standards from the 2011 masterpiece, but still an entertaining record which is worth to be put on your record player.





  1. Magic carpet
  2. Black rainbow
  3. Named after Rocky
  4. Cat's cradle
  5. Bride
  6. Open up
  7. OMG
  8. The meaning of it
  9. Crystal mountain
  10. Crystal anthem


Label:Superball Music

Genre: Alternative Rock

CD review AMPLIFIER "Mystoria"