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Details from the new album from WHILE HEAVEN WEPT

Veröffentlicht am 16. August 2014 von Markus W. in While Heaven Wept, Prog Rock, Prog Metal, Doom Metal, News, Fates Warning

End of October Virginia based epic doom band While Heaven Wept will release their new album called "Suspended at Aphelion".  The highlight with this album is the 40 minutes long track which is divided into 11 subchapters.

The song has a very progressive touch which is underlined by the fact that While Heaven Wept could win well know guest appearences for the album. Fates Warning founding member Victor Arduini was on board as well as Warlord drum legend Mark Zonder. 

Looking forward to October....



I: Introspectus
II: Icarus And I
III: Ardor
IV: Heartburst
V: Indifference Turned Paralysis 
VI: The Memory Of Bleeding
VII: Souls In Permafrost
VIII: Searching The Stars
IX: Reminiscence Of Strangers
X: Lifelines Lost
XI: Retrospectus

Details from the new album from WHILE HEAVEN WEPT