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Veröffentlicht am 28. August 2014 von Markus W. in The Durango Riot, Punk, Punkrock, Rock, CD Review, Mando Diao, News

(7/10) The Durango Riot is a band from Karlskog, Sweden. Founded in 2005 the four-piece band released two albums. "Telemission" was the first one in 2007, followed by "Backwards over midnight" in 2012. Two years later the quartet is ready to publish their newst album; simply called "Faces".

The label info announced the band pretty smart. "The Durango Riot had them all" was state there and they refer to the bands which the four Swedes played with as support act. The list is anyhow quite impressive, since they opened for Social Distortion, The Offspring, Billy Talent and some more.

The music of The Durango Riot can be seen as melodic indie-punk rock. They sound a bit like the mean brother of Mando Diao. Both bands seem to have a similar base, esp. when it comes to the way they write their songs. But what Mando Diao lost with their latest, very disappointing album, is still alive with The Durnago Riot. It's the rock'n'roll spirit, the kick-ass attitude and the energy which is transfered by Fred Andersson & Co in every song. The opener "Faces", but also "Heavy love" is a good example herefore.

Songs like "Ready are the headless" reflects the Dandy Warhols, esp. in the chorus and in the guitar sound. But The Durango Riot can also write more silent songs like "Killer buddies". The emotional tune, which avoids all cliches, fits perfect in the context of this other tracks on the album and adds a certain calmness in the middle of the rock album. The more chilling tendency continues on the secondhalf of the album. There are also the harder tracks like "Her war is mine", but in general it's more indie oriented rock with some Oasis parts as well.

"Faces" is a cool punk influenced indie rock album, which will be a pleasure for fans of the band and disappointed Mando Diao fans too.





  1. Face
  2. Zac the salvationist
  3. Paranioa's rock
  4. Heavy love
  5. Is it enough?
  6. Marquee days
  7. Ready are the headless
  8. Killer buddies
  9. Her war is mine
  10. Evil expressions
  11. Fuzzy friends
  12. Full moon music


Label: Last Bullet

Genre: Punk Rock