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CD review STEVE ROTHERY BAND "Live in Rome"

Veröffentlicht am 22. August 2014 von Markus W. in Steve Rothery, Marillion, Rock, Prog Rock, CD Review, News

(8/10) Steve Rothery was a founding member of the very successful prog rockers Marillion and he is still part of the band. Next to involvement with Marillion he also released two record under the header of Wishing Trees, which are mainly solo records from the six string musician.

Rothery released now a live album which captures new tunes and classics from him. It was earlier this year when the guitarist played a show in the Cross Roads Live Club in Rome. The venue was sold out and the atmosphere reflected on the CD (haven't had a chance to see the DVD) was obviously a great one. That the show was such a success was even more amazing thinking about the fact that it was only the second time the Steve Rothery Band (next to Rothery it is Yatim Halimi (b), Leon Parr (d) and Dave Foster (g)) performed together. And it was a brave decision too, to record a live album from such a concert. It shows the capabilities and experience of Rothery, as well as from his fellows in the band to go for such a thing.

The new live performed songs can be seen as a teaser for his coming solo studio album, which got the name "The ghost of Pripyat". It will be released during autumn this year. "Live in Rome" had already some of the new songs as part of the tracklist. One of those songs is the opener "Morpheus". It's a ten minutes long instrumental which will be loved by fans from Pink Floyd as well as from  Mark Knopfler. It was especially David Gilmour who inspried Rothery a lot and the openere reflects this in a good way. Another track which shows the influence of the Pink Floyd guitarist is the epical long "The old man of the sea". This is a 12 minutes long beautiful and chilling piece of music.

But as mentioned Rothery takes also alook back in his own history. Songs from Marillion have been part of the concert too. There is e.g. "Sugar mice" and "Waiting to happen"; performed by female singer Manuela Milanese. Her voice fits perfect to the Marillion hits. Next to these two soulful, almost fragile tunes, there are "Easter" and "Cinderella search". It's Alessandro Carmassi who sings those classics and also he does a very good job. He shows the whole range of his voice in another Marillion song - "Afraid of sunlight". The live recording is a gorgeous version of the song from the 1995 album with the same title.

A small note at the end. Next to perfect music and sound of the album it is worth to say that the album was financed by crowdfunding. Within 24h the necessary 15.000 pounds have been reached - actually it became 60.000 pounds in the end that have been the base for creating this album. In my opinion a good example for going new ways in financing a recording.

"Live in Rome" became a beautiful album from a more than talented guitar player. Check it out and stay tuned for more. The studio album will be available on September 22.





CD 1:

  1. Morpheus
  2. Kendris
  3. The old man of the sea
  4. White pass
  5. Yesterday's hero
  6. Summer's end


CD 2:

  1. Waiting to happen
  2. Afraid of sunlight
  3. Easter
  4. Sugar mice
  5. Cinderella search
  6. Materna luna
  7. Monolith pt.2


Label: InsideOut

Music: Prog Rock

CD review STEVE ROTHERY BAND "Live in Rome"