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CD review PAUL GILBERT "Stone pushing uphill man"

Veröffentlicht am 5. August 2014 von Markus W. in Paul Gilbert, Mr.Big, Racer X, Loverboy, Aerosmith, Instrumental, Rock, Hardrock, CD Review

(8/10) Paul Gilbert is one of the most important shred guitarists from the eighties and he still keeps this status till today. The albums from his band Racer X speak a clear language. Esp. the debut is still one of my all time faves.

Next to those more speed metal related releases Gilbert also played an important role in the rise of Mr. Big. He celebrated the biggest successes with the American allstar band. Songs like "To be with you" and "Green tinted sixties mind" are known by almost everybody.

"Let the guitar sing" is an often used term. Guitar wizard Paul Gilbert makes it real. "Stone pushing uphill man" became an instrumental album on which Gilbert uses his guitar to interpret the vocal lines from songs that accompanied him during his life. 

That means that we will find mainly cover versions on the album. But they have a new appeal. On none of the tracks Gilbert went too far away from the original version. I think this is good, because it keeps the basic spirit of the tune and helps to recognise it too. 

The start couldn't be more rocking than with Loverboy's smash hit "Working for the weekend". But also the soulful version of James Browns "I got the feelin'", the emtional interpretation of Elton John's "Goodbye yellow brick road" and the bluesy "My girl" from Eric Camen have their charm.

Paul Gilbert has also three own songs on the album. "Shock absorber" is one of them and shows the potential the guy has. The final track on the album is the title track "Stone pushing uphill man". It's the only song with vocals and is a slow acoustic song which builds up to a cool blues anthem along the way with an extra choir part towards the end. It has a lot of soul and is a highlight on the album. And it shows that Paul Gilbert is a pretty good singer too.

"Stone pushing uphill man" became a cool, mainly instrumental album, which is very entertaining. Gilbert manages to get the emotions and expressions of the original singers into his cover versions. An endeavor which I guess wasn't very easy but he succeeded. Cool stuff - not only for guitarists.





  1. Working for the weekend (Loverboy)
  2. Back in the saddle (Aerosmith)
  3. I got the feelin' (James Brown)
  4. Goodbye yellow brick road (Elton John)
  5. Why don't we do it in the road (The Beatles)
  6. Shock absorber
  7. Purple without all the red
  8. Murder by numbers (The Police)
  9. My girl (Eric Camen)
  10. Wash me clean (kd lang)
  11. Stone pushing uphill man


Label: Shrapnel Records

Genre: Rock


CD review PAUL GILBERT "Stone pushing uphill man"