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CD review LONELY KAMEL "Shit city"

Veröffentlicht am 26. August 2014 von Markus W. in Lonely Kamel, Stoner Rock, Rock, Classic Rock, Hardrock, CD Review, News

(7/10) Classic rock influenced stoner rock from Norway. Lonely Camel are from Oslo, the capitol of Norway and "Shit city", what a name for an album, is already the fourth longplayer in their history. It follows "Dust devils" and contains nine tracks; all between four and seven minutes.

As said, that band plays stoner rock, with classic rock and blues influences. This mix sounds exciting, but isn't very innovative. The good thing with Lonely Kamel is the fact, that all of their songs are quite good and the creative ideas in the songwriting are good enough to ignite the spark for the listener.

A highlight is the opener "Shit city" with its unleashed and raw power. The track feels like a stream train coming towards you. No chance to escape. "Shit city" just catches you. When Lonely Kamel talk about being influenced from blues too, that the evidance herefore is the closer "Falling down". But also classic hardrock was a source of inspiration for the four guys from Oslo. The AC/DC-like riff on "BFD" is a clear statement - and the song rocks. 

But Lonely Kamel can also 'slow'. "Seal the perimeter" is one of those tunes. It's not doom and it's not a ballad. It's a slow and mean groover which drills its rhythm into your brain. 

Tracks which I think don't reach the level of the mentioned ones are e.g. "Is it over" and"White lines". The last mentioned one has pounding drum line and a pumping bass too, but something is missing. It doesn't have any memory effect -at least for me.

To sum up: There is nothing wrong with the album. It's a good stoner record with well-crafted tunes. The only remark I have is, that I constantly had the feeling that I've heard it before. But this is maybe only me and I anyhow enjoyed listening to "Shit city".





  1. Shit city
  2. White lines
  3. It is over
  4. I feel sick
  5. Seal the perimeter
  6. Freezing
  7. BFD
  8. Nightjar
  9. Falling down


Label: Napalm Records

Genre: Stoner Rock

CD review LONELY KAMEL "Shit city"