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CD review KÄRTSY "aWay"

Veröffentlicht am 21. August 2014 von Markus W. in Kärtsy, Waltari, Rock, Alternative Rock, News, CD Review, Modern Metal, Alternative Metal


(8/10) Whom of you is still familiar with the name Kärtsy? Or Kari Arvo Ilari Hatakka, which is his real name. Yes, indeed. He is the frontman from Finlands multi-style rockers Waltari. The band that has proven that ‘mix and match’ can be successful when it comes to music. The masterpiece of the band was of course the unforgettable metal opera “Yeah! Yeah! Die! Die! Death Metal Symphony in Deep C”.

Since it seems that Waltari isn’t a fulltime job at the moment Kärtsy used the time for some other projects. One of those was to write and record his second solo album. It follows the 2010 release “Duty freedom” and will be released beginning of September in Europe.

Is it a kind of new Waltari record? No. "aWay" became a modern rock inspired disc with cool songs combined with a catchy pop factor. Kärtsy's solo album is more straight-forward compared to Waltari. But this doesn't mean that the guitars got more into the back. Not at all. Tracks like "Guilty" and "I sacrifice" are guitar based rockers combined with the individual voice of Kärtsy. But it is the variety in the songs which makes this album special. This is something which could be seen as a parallel to Waltari.

"Beyond" is build on a grooving bassline. It's reggae based and fits very well. Also the trumpets which appear along the song fit very well. If you expect a bit more silent sounds with a track like "Tempatation" you will be disappointed. The mid-tempo tune comes with an awesome hookline. Catchy, but not mainstream. This statement could actually be the header for the entire "aWay" album. Even the more 'danceable' tracks don't become simply boring mainstream. Eventhough "Temptation" isn't the ballad; there is one on the record. "I miss" is the soulful tune on "aWake" which is based on a beautiful melody that can also make heavy guys dreaming. The style journey continues. "Fountain" starts as a country song, before a heavy guitar riff pushes the tune more into a Volbeat direction. The way how the song is written reminds to the guys from Copenhagen; just fresher.

The bouncer "Sepford men", inspired by the movie "The Stepford women", is an remarkable track too. It is a silent number with a piano as a base and the whole thing reminded me in parts to Queen. It has that kind of dramatic musical approach which some songs of Brian May & Co. had as well.

I like Waltari, I like the special voice of Kärtsy, whick sounds a bit like Mike Patton and I like "aWay". This is for me one of the most inspiring rock albums this year. Fresh, young and energetic. This is what we need in these days more than ever. I'm very happy that the Finish multi-talent is back.





  1. Please don"t see me
  2. The lonely
  3. Fade away
  4. Guilty
  5. Temptation
  6. I miss
  7. Fountain
  8. Freedom falling
  9. Beyond
  10. I sacrifice
  11. Days
  12. Stepford men


Label: G Records

Genre: Modern Rock

CD review KÄRTSY "aWay"