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CD review GODSMACK "1000 hp"

Veröffentlicht am 25. August 2014 von Markus W. in Godsmack, Alice In Chains, Alternative Metal, Modern Metal, Rock, Alternative Rock, News, CD Review

(8/10) Six records in 16 years is not a lot. Some bands would maybe not even survive such a little amount of releases, since nobody could remember them anymore.

This is different with Godsmack. It's their track record it's fortunatley not the amount of records, but the success of the different releasesn which makes the difference. It was in the beginning of the new century when Godsmack had the peak in their career. The debut "Godsmack" and the second release "Awake", incl. their best song called "Vampire", have been real highlights. Since than the band was a constant factor in alternative metal. They combined the Metallica sound from the 90's with some post grunge elements and by doing this, they created something slighty new.

The newest release got with "1000hp" a name that creates high expectations. Did they manage to transfer the 1000hp on the album? This was my thought before I started to listen to the album. 

The opener "1000hp" took all my doubts away. The title track sounds already like the engine of a Mustang. The name for the track couldn't have been chosen better. The raw power goes actually, with some smaller exceptions, for the entire album. This more than a song, it's a statement.

Next to the title track it is the slower "Something different" which is fascinating. It's the beginning of the track with the guitar and vocals only which sounds awesome. The song explodes in the chorus before it falls back to the more silent parts. The pattern continues throughout the entire track. Combined with the catchy hookline it becomes for me a highlight on the "1000hp".

If you want to know, why I was talking about Metallica in the beginning you should listen to "Locked & loaded". The riff sounds like one from the leaders of the 'Big 4' during the "Load" phase (just better); and it fits better to Godsmack than it does to the newer Metallica.

Someone said to me once that every rock/metal album needs a ballad. Godsmack shows that this statement isn't 100% right. "1000hp" comes without a real ballad. There are some more silent/slow pace songs on the album like "Generation day".  But I wouldn't consider even one of them as a typical ballad. The mentioned "Generation day" is not more than a damn cool rock song, but also not less. The six minutes are just flying due to the variations in the tune. Silent parts go hand in hand with riff-oriented power section. The result speaks for itself. A song which follows a similar pattern is "Turning to stone" - with five minutes another one of the longer tunes on the album.

Godsmack delivered an album which will be loved by the fans of the band. Godsmack trademarks are integrated in cool songs This is what you get with "1000hp". Start the engine.





  1. 1000hp
  2. FML
  3. Something different
  4. What's next
  5. Generation day
  6. Locked & loaded
  7. Living in the gray
  8. I don't belong
  9. Nothing comes easy
  10. Turning to stone
  11. Life is good


Label: Spinefarm

Genre: Modern Metal

CD review GODSMACK "1000 hp"