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CD review ENTOMED AD "Back to the front"

Veröffentlicht am 4. August 2014 von Markus W. in Entombed AD, Entombed, Death Metal, Heavy Metal, News, CD Review

(8/10) Very seldom it is the music that brings a band into trouble. Mostly it is money and/or egocentricity, which bring a band into stormy water. We have seen this over many months with Queensryche, when two parties fought about the rights of using the name of the band. Fortunately this issue is solved and fans appreciated this.

Another band, which ran into such an issue, was the Swedish death metal institution Entombed. Also here we had the situation that there have been two parties fighting about the name.  Regardless of how the legal thing will end there are also good news. L-G Petrov, Nico Elgstrand, Olle Dahlstedt and Victor Brandt released a new album under the banner of Entombed AD.  The name resulted out of the fact, that at the moment the name Entombed can’t be used.

However, the guys decided to let the music talk. “Back to the front”, as the name for the new album, couldn’t have been chosen better. The four guys are back at the metal front with in total 11 songs (the limited media book has one bonus track).

In fact the album was planned to be released already in summer 2013, but due to the mentioned situation it took another 12 month till the new highlight in their discography (album number nine) sees the light of day. And what is one year extra delay considering the fact that “Serpents saints” was already released in 2007.

I have to say that it was worth waiting. “Back to the front” brings back this typical death’n’roll, which we know from the band. For me they are since the end of the 90’s the Motörhead of death metal. The bolshie played death metal songs combined with a pissed-off rock attitude are pretty unique. Entombed AD perfected this kind of music and I think that the incidents from the lasts months made them even stronger.

The album starts very relaxed with a kind of intro, before hell breaks loose. “Kill to live” is the name of the opener. Based on a killing riff the track sets the tone of voice for the coming 50 minutes. The guitar lines are surprisingly melodic and it’s Petrov’s voice, which gives the song this special expression. Another  interesting song is “Pandemic rage”. After a short symphonic intro the song builds up to a groove machine with various tempo breaks. Actually most of the songs are kept in mid pace. That’s why the bit faster “Waiting for death” is a nice break. The merciless drumbeat drives the song and is spiced up with screaming guitars. The same goes for “The underminer”, which is the fastest song on the album. Listening to this track it became obvious that Petrov listened to bands like D.R.I. in his youth. “The underminer” is my biggest favorite on the album.

But Entombed AD can also play much slower without loosing the heaviness. The “Eternal woe” is kept much slower and is on the edge to doom. Instead of the drums it is this time the brutal riff which gives the track its identity.

Again, it was worth to wait for this album and I’m very happy that the fans don’t have to suffer from the internal discussions. If Entombed AD releases records like this in the future too I don’t care about the name. It’s the music that counts. And the music is great.





  1. Kill to live
  2. Bedlam attack
  3. Pandemic rage
  4. Second to none
  5. Bait and bleed
  6. Waiting for death
  7. Eternal woe
  8. Digitus medius
  9. Vulture and the traitor
  10. The underminer
  11. Soldier of no fortune
  12. Gospel of the horns (Bonus track)


Label: Century Media

Genre: Death'n'Roll

CD review ENTOMED AD "Back to the front"
CD review ENTOMED AD "Back to the front"