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CD review EMIL BULLS "Sacrifice to venus"

Veröffentlicht am 3. August 2014 von Markus W. in Emil Bulls, Alternative Rock, Alternative Metal, Crossover, Nu Metal, CD Review, News

(7/10) German alternative rockers Emil Bulls have worked on their next studio album. It's their tenth full-length record in 17 years. What started in 1995 has found a fixed spot in the German metal scene. Regular albums and live tours have established Emil Bulls as a constant alternative metal factor.

The new album got the name "Sacrifice to venus" and has in total 13 tracks. The result isn't that much different from the former releases. The best focus on alternative metal. All tunes have a mighty groove and some of them show that the band likes bands like Soulfly. "The grave" and "Parts down" speaks, when it comes to the guitar sound, a clear language. Also the straight-forward "Man or mouse" belongs into this category. The track is esp. in the verse a real groove monster. The chorus instead is a catchy, almost sweet, one. The title track is track that shows also Emil Bulls passion for Nu Metal and Crossover. The song reminded me in the beginning to the legendary RATM.

Next to those really metalized songs Emil Bulls has also the counterpart to those in their range. "Gone Baby gone" is an almost sticky sweet number with an enormous pop appeal. The catchy "I wanna feel you" has a lot of mass apeal too. A track which bridges the gap between heaviness and commerciality pretty well is "Rainbow and butterflies". The tune combines heavy guitar riffs with a well done hookline. Sounds a bit like Crazy Town which shows, that the song could have some smaller hit potential.

Album number ten is a good Emil Bulls record with an entertaining mix of heaviness and catchiness. I personally prefer the harder side of the band, but I can handle almost all the catchy songs (except "Gone Baby gone") too.





  1. The grave
  2. Hearteater
  3. Parts down
  4. I wanna feel you
  5. Rainbos and butterflies
  6. The way of the warrior
  7. The reckoning
  8. Age of revolution
  9. Sacrifice to venus
  10. Gone Baby gone
  11. Man or mouse
  12. Keep on dreaming
  13. Behind the sun


Label: AFM Records

Genre: Alternative Metal

CD review EMIL BULLS "Sacrifice to venus"