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CD review CRYSTAL EYES "Killer"

Veröffentlicht am 10. August 2014 von Markus W. in Crystal Eyes, Heavy Metal, Power Metal, CD Review, NWoBHM, News

(7/10) 22 years in business and still active. That means that you have been very successful or that you have a lot of passion or both. In the case of Swedish metal band Crystal Eyes it's more the passion and the dedication for what they are doing. They started in a period when real metal lost impact and grunge was heading towards its peak. 1992 was for sure not a real metal year, but it was the time when Crystal Eyes started their mission to keep metal alive. A big challenge and if they really succeeded I don't know, but they released in the meantime six albums and the seventh one came out a few days ago. 

After quite some changes in the line-up it is only Mikael Dahl and Niclas Karlsson who are part of the band from the very beginning. Together with Claes Wikander (b) and drummer Martin Tilander they worked on the new album, which has nine tracks. It was the first album with Karlsson on the guitar and Dahl doing the lead vocals. 

The playing time with not even 40 minutes is actually is a too little, but at least the tracks are all OK.

You can say that Crystal Eyes are praising their idols, have been insprired by their idols or copying their idols. The answer is up to you. But songs like the opener "Killer" and  "Solar mariner" sounds very much like Iron Maiden when it comes to the guitar leads. "Hail the fallen" has a Hammerfal approach when it comes to the songwriting and "Forgotten realms" shows, that Queensryche and Gamma Ray have been heard by Crystal Eyes also more than just once. And it's "Big city nights" from the Scorpions that shines through the beginning of "Spotlight rebels". Actually it's a copy in the first minute. 

For me those cross references are a bit too much, but at least the songs are entertaining.

In general there is nothing wrong with the album. It is traditional metal which jumps on certain cliches and has too little individuality - but in a professional and enjoyable way. Dedication instead of innovation. If you like this, Crystal Eyes is your band.





  1. Killer
  2. Warrior
  3. Hall of the fallen
  4. Solar mariner
  5. Forgotten realms
  6. Spotlight rebel
  7. The lord of chaos
  8. Dreamers on trial
  9. Dogs on holy ground


Label: Massacre Records

Genre: Heavy Metal

CD review CRYSTAL EYES "Killer"