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CD review BERNIE MARSDEN "Shine"

Veröffentlicht am 16. August 2014 von Markus W. in Bernie Marsden, Blues, Classic Rock, Rock, CD Review, News, Whitesnake, Joe Bonamassa, Hardrock

(9/10) Bernie Marsden is one of my heros from my early days in rock. Whitesnake was one of the bands I really liked in the beginning of the 80's and the man at the six string guitar was nobody else as Mr. Bernie Marsden (together with the unbelievable Micky Moody). He was part of the best Whitesnake records like "Don't break my heart again" and "Ready an' willing". But the guy from Buckingham, Buckinghamshire was also a part of M3, Cozy Powell's Hammer and UFO. Next to all these contributions he regularly released solo records. 

The newest one is in the shops in the meantime and got the title "Shine". Produced in the legendary Abbey Road Studios by Rob Cass, the album comes with 13 songs. A view on the label, Provogue Records, could give you idea, that we have blues anthems on the album. Of course the blues is present in all tracks, but in the end it's more classic rock which you find on "Shine". Not a big surprise considering the history of the guitarist.

Marsden invited also friends and guest for recording some of the songs with him. One of those old fellows is David Coverdale, head of Whitesnake. Both deliever a new interpretation of "Trouble", the title track from the '78 classic, which became a rhythm oriented gooving tune. Sounds pretty good and different from the original version. The title track "Shine" is enriched by Joe Bonamassa's guitar. This shows the grandeur of Marsden to not only focus on his own guitar sound, but also share the stage with one of the best blues guitarists of modern days. Blues rock at it's best.

"Bad blood" guides you even deeper into the blues. It's Cherry Lee Mewis who is behind the mic and the track is an emotional slow groover. But as I said earlier it is in total more a classic rock album. "Wedding day" for example is anchored in 70's rock. Next to those tracks there is with "Dragonfly" an soulful ballad on the album as well as there is a chilled instrumental "NW8" as final song on "Shine". 

But the best track by far is called "Kinda wish she would". The anthem is a mix of ZZ Top and J.J. Cale and it rocks. I wish the bearded men from Houston would still write this kind of masterpieces. "Kinda wish she would" is my personal highlight on an excellent album which I haven't expected from Marsden in these days anymore.

Thumbs up.

Keep on rockin' Bernie.





  1. Linin' track
  2. Wedding day
  3. Walk away
  4. Kinda wish she would
  5. Ladyfriend
  6. Trouble (feat. David Coverdale)
  7. Who do we think we are?
  8. Bad blood (feat. Cherry Lee Mewis)
  9. Shine (feat. Joe Bonamassa)
  10. Dragonfly
  11. You better run
  12. Hoxie rollin' time
  13. NW8


Label: Provogue Records

Genre: Classic Rock


CD review BERNIE MARSDEN "Shine"