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CD review BEATSTEAKS "Beatsteaks"

Veröffentlicht am 3. August 2014 von Markus W. in Beatsteaks, Rock, CD Review, News

(8/10) The Beatsteaks are phenomenom. Their sound and their songs can't be seen as mainstream at all. Actually it's the opposite. It's a mix of rock, punk rock and indie rock.  Also the way how the songs are arranged is a bit more unusual. And by doing all this the band is very successful. Their breakthough was with "Hello Joe" from the "Smack smash" album and since then the fan base is constantly increasing. In the meantime we can count the Beatsteaks to the top 3 of German rock/punkrock. 

What I think makes the band that popular is the fact that they are very authentic. It feels that the band from Berlin, Germany do whatever it takes to keep the feet on the ground. They are aware of their status, but they still come over like you and me. 

The new album is simply called "Beatsteaks". It is the eighth release of the band and comes with eleven new tracks. The range of those songs is very wide and still reflects the Beatsteaks in each and every note. There are the straight-forward rockers like the opener "A real paradise" and "Wicked witch". Than there is the fast "Up on the roof" with its punky expression. With the high vocals in the verse the track stands out from the rest anyhow and is for me a highlight on the album. Pretty cool. "Gentleman of the years" was the first single release from the new album. A good choice. The song is quite catchy and fits with its reggae-/indie appeal very good into the summer season. You don't get the melody out of your mind anymore. "Make a wish" is probabaly the most commercial tune on the album and sounds like a rocking version of Coldplay. This isn't meant negative at all since "Make a wish" has real hit potential and reflects with e.g. the crunchy guitars the trademarks of the band. The track still feels natural and not forced. This actually goes for all of the tracks. Each song spreads a big ease and reflects the Beatsteaks in an excellent way. A good example herefore is e.g. the grooving "Everything went black". The bouncer for the album is a pure punk rocker. "I never was" is the name of the tune and it's with less than three minutes the right choice for kicking you out of the record.

"Beatsteaks" became another great album from the Berlin guys. I strongly assume that they manage to increase their fanbase even more with this disc.


The only remain question is: When do we see the Beatsteaks live outside of Germany/Austria/Switzerland. How about playing a show in Amstredam?





  1. A real paradise
  2. DNA
  3. Be smart and breathe
  4. Make a wish
  5. Everything went black
  6. Up on the roof
  7. Pass he message
  8. Gentleman of the year
  9. Wicked witch
  10. Creep magent
  11. I never was


Label: Warner Music

Genre: Rock

Source: WMG

Source: WMG