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CD review ASIA "High voltage - Live"

Veröffentlicht am 16. August 2014 von Markus W. in Asia, Rock, Prog Rock, CD Review, News

(6/10) After the latest studio album, which was unfortunately a weaker one Asia releases a live album. You might say 'another one' and I guess you're right. The band has eighteen live records plus several 'best of...' records in their discography. So why another one? I can't really answer this question, esp. when I look on the fact that the show is from 2010. 


It was the show on the High Voltage festival in London from 2010. The crowd appreciated the original line-up that includes Geoff Downes, Steve Howe, Carl Palmer and John Wetton. The core of the show have been the old hits from the Asia debut like "Only time will tell" and the biggest hot of the band "Heat of the moment". But also tracks like the rocking "Soul survivor" have been performed and recorded. The old hits are surrounded by a few newer songs from "Phoenix" and "Omega". Actually the setlist was pretty OK.


What is the negative side of this release? For me it is the sound of the recording. It's bloodless and powerless. Also the mix doesn't seem to be the best one. The guitar is too far in the back (no surprise that Howe focusses on Yes in the meantime) and John Wettons vocals are far too dominant. It was esp. Howe's guitar which made the old hits really rocking anthems. I have the feeling that there have been the tapes from the show and someone made the quick decision to release them. For whatever reason. 


I'm sorry to say all this since I really liked Asia in the beginning and I had a lot of hope after the reunion. Records like the mentioned "Phoenix" and "Omega" have been great. But the latest studio release and this live release are a disappointment. From a legendary band like Asia we can demand more than this. Sad but true. The start to threaten their own heritage.


The package includes also a DVD, which I haven't seen yet. But the tracklist is the same as on the CD which is a bit disappointing too. Extras aren't mentioned to be on the DVD. If there are, please leave a small note as a comment.







  1. Only time will tell
  2. wildest dreams
  3. One step closer
  4. An extraordinary life
  5. Time again
  6. Cutting it fine
  7. Without you
  8. I believe
  9. Here comes the feeling
  10. Sole survivoar
  11. Heat of the moment



Label: Frontiers Records

Genre: Rock

CD review ASIA "High voltage - Live"