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CD review ADRENALINE RUSH "Adrenaline rush"

Veröffentlicht am 15. August 2014 von Markus W. in Adrenaline Rush, Hardrock, Rock, CD Review, News

(6/10) To start with the annoying thing is maybe not the best topic to begin a review with, but when I look into the songs and the music of  Adrenaline Rush I must say that the vocals are the weak part on the debut of the band. Singer Tåve Wanning hasn't the rock voice which you want to have. She sings far too squeaky and it sounds honestly like Mickey Mouse singing there. I know this is a harsh feedback, but it was honestly my first thought. I have to admit that you get used to the way of singing, but it still is a downer.


What I don't understand in this context is why she is described in the label info as one the most talented and hottest chicks. If she is the one on the cover she might be hot, but she’s not talented - at least when it's about singing.


The fact, that the songs are actually really good makes this issue even more dissatisfying. The music is typical hardrock. I guess that the band counts Mötley Crüe and the earlier Skid Row to their faves.They have a great sense for rock'n'roll with a cool groove. Of course there isn't too much innovation in their sound, but what they are doing they do right. The music is very entertaining and finds the right balance between heavy guitars and great hooklines. 


The opener "Black'n'blue" is convincing with a slow and steady beat, while "Change", which reminds me to Dokken, increases speed. It's a straight forward rocker with keyboards that support the full body sound. "Want it all" is another song in this category. The lyrics meet of course every cliche, but who cares. The track rocks. Even the ballad "When you're gone" (how often have those words been used in rock'n'roll) is an entertaining song. The track has a great melody and has some moments from Heart. It's also the tune in which the vocals fits best.


The production is powerful and adds to the positive expression of the album. No surprise knowing that Erik Martensson (WET, Eclipse) was responsible for the sound. 


From my point of view "Adrenaline Rush" is a good debut album - if they would have another singer. I hope for the future ....







  1. Black'n'blue
  2. Change
  3. Generation left behind
  4. Girls gone wild
  5. When you're gone
  6. Want it all
  7. Too young to die
  8. Oh yeah!
  9. No No No
  10. Playing to win
  11. Hit you like a rock



Label: Frontier Records

Genre: Hardrock


CD review ADRENALINE RUSH "Adrenaline rush"