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CD review OVERKILL "White devil armory"

Veröffentlicht am 19. Juli 2014 von Markus W. in Overkill, Anthrax, Agent Steel, Thrash Metal, CD Review, Speed Metal, News

(9/10) I don't think, that I have to introduce Overkill to you. The New Jersey thrashers are already many many years around.

I can still remember the time when I heard their sound for the first time. It was in the mid of the 80's when a friend of mine recommended Overkill's debut "Feel the fire". The sound just blew me away. And the following album "Taking over" was even better. Both records are still milestones in thrash metal.

I also can remember when Overkill played the Metal Hammer Roadshow together with Anthrax and Agent Steel. Those have been really cool times.

In the meantime we are almost 30 years further in time and Overkill is still around. And this is good. As many other metal bands as well also Overkill had a bit of a harder time in the 90's when grunge had it's peak. But the fact that Overkill is still around shows the endless willpower and dedication to what they are doing. They came back with amazing records in recent history. "Ironbound" and "The electric age" come pretty close to the band highlights in the early days.

The constant factor in the band, which assures the continuity in the band are singer Bobby Ellsworth with his very recognizable voice and his way of phrasing. Bobby's vocal don't leave any space for a doubt that you're listening to Overkill. The other main pillar of the band in bass player D.D. Verni. It's him who adds the groove to the song and both together are the guarantors for thrash metal made by Overkill.

"XDM" is the instrumental overture for the coming thrash inferno which finds its start in "Armorist". You probably have seen the video clip already. It's a typical fast and aggressive Overkill songs which reflects all the bands trademarks.  "Down to the bone" doesn't take any prisoners either. I bit slower than the opener the songs is based on a cool riff. "PIG" could be seen as the continuation of the "Overkill" trilogy for the first records. It's a straight-forward smasher dominated by Blitz's vocals. The acoustic intro to "Bitter pills" reminds to the old Overkill days too. The tune spreads a threatening and frightening atmosphere. The fast "Where there's smoke" is another highlight on the album. You don't find time to breath during this track during this accoustical tornado, before the bassline, which introduces "Freedom rings", puts D.D. Verni into focus. The bass played and playes an important role in the sound from Overkill. And it is the rhythm section of bass and drums which are pushing this song to its limit. It's a mighty thrash riff that openes "Another day to die". Brutal is the right expression for this riff. The track itself stays in mid speed and it's again the pumping bass which gives the tune an extra personality. The last three songs "King of the rat bastards", "It's all yours" and "In the name" can easily keep this high standard too. "White devil armory" is THE thrash metal highlight this year. I can't imagine that there will be a better one.

With "White devil armory" Overkill added another milestone to their discography. It's an brilliant thrash metal record that sounds aggressive and authentic. After all the years Overkill still has the street credibility. For me it is the best Overkill record since "The years of decay". Thumbs up and thanks to the band for the great record.





  1. XDM
  2. Armorist
  3. Down to the bone
  4. PIG
  5. Bitter pill
  6. Where there's smoke
  7. Freedom rings
  8. Another day to die
  9. King of rat bastards
  10. It's all yours
  11. In the name

Label: Nuclear Blast

Genre: Thrash Metal

CD review OVERKILL "White devil armory"