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CD review KNIFEWORLD "The unravelling"

Veröffentlicht am 19. Juli 2014 von Markus W. in Knifeworld, Rock, Prog Rock, CD Review, News

(7/10) This is heavy stuff. Not in the sense of heavy metal. More in the sense of ‚heavy to digest’. Already at this stage of the review you should know, that you should keep your hands off from this album if you're looking for straight forward metal music.

You still continue reading this review? Good. Initially meant to be a Kavus Torabi (guitar and vocals) solo project Knifeworld started to become alive in 2009. Torabu has already many years of experience playing in bands like The Monsoon Basoon and Cardiacs. All this experience he brought into Knifeworld.

The 1st Knifeworld release was in 2009. „Buried alone – tales of crushing defeat“ was the name of the debut album, which is now, 5 years later, followed by „The unravelling“.

The music can be described as very brain oriented prog rock music which for sure needs some time before it offers its beauty. On the one hand you have to face polyrhythmic arrangements and next to those their are quite catchy pop elements too. All this spiced up with some horn sections which give some tunes a jazz expression. If you listen to the songs it is almost impossible to predict what will come next. Torabi, born in Iran and living in London since many years, created with „The unravelling“ contemporary and multi-layered music which constantly jumps between a rocking genius and musical insanity. Knifeworld takes the constant risk to lose the listener along the way. But it never happens. Exactly at the stage when you think you're done with the complexity a catchy hook takes over and brings you back into the track.

Since I think, that the album in its entirety is an experience I don’t want to pick out certain songs.

„The unravelling“ is an album which needs time, time and again time. If you want to take this effort you will be rewarded with intelligent music which is a musical kaleidoscope. If you want to have smashing guitars, a verse and a chorus – keep your hands off.

„The unravelling“ was an interesting experience for me, eventhough I have to say, that it gave me some hard moments too.





  1. I can teach you how to loose a fight
  2. The orphanage
  3. Send him seaworthly
  4. Don’t land on me
  5. The skulls we buried have regrown their eyes
  6. Destroy the world we love
  7. This empty room once was alive
  8. I’m hiding behind my eyes


Label: InsideOut Records

Genre: Prog Rock


CD review KNIFEWORLD "The unravelling"