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CD review KING OF ASGARD "Karg"

Veröffentlicht am 21. Juli 2014 von Markus W. in King Of Asgard, Viking Metal, Heavy Metal, Black Metal, CD Review, News

(8/10) 'Never change a winning team' seems to be the motto of King Of Asgard. Two yeards after the bands latest release " North" the quartet from Mjölby, Sweden released their new record called "Karg". Like the last time it was again Andy LaRocque in the Sonic Train Studios who gave the band an excellent sound. 

Compared to the predecessor the new songs are more to the point again. While " North" came with some more melodic parts the new album picks up the more basic roots again. "Karg" which means "Barren" in English is a very well chosen name of the album. King Of Asgard ditched unnecessary weight and focussed on the essence of viking metal. The result are nine epical tracks which are dark and harsh.

"Remanant of the past" is a song which reflects the before mentioned very well. It's a slower track that transports a massive atmosphere. From choral sections up to pure bass lines the songs contains everything needed for a cool metal anthem. "Omma" with its seven minutes reflects the epical side of King Of Asgard. Starting with a piano the guitar takes over after 30 seconds and the riff shmashes everything that's in its way. Another track I really like is "The trickster". The tune comes with an hypnotic rhythm section and an enormous groove. It's the aggressive simplicity in the song which I like. "Huldran" foloows the same pattern.

The closer "Total destruction" is the last aural assault. The name of the song says it all. The track is a pushing forward metal inferno which rounds off a 45 minutes long journey through Northern mythology.

When it comes to the lyrics nothing changed. The Swedish guys still write about northern legends and tales. Literally you could say that the story continues.

"Karg" is a cool viking metal album which deserves to be listened to by everybody who is interested in well performed and hand-crafted metal. Check it out.





  1. The runes of hel
  2. The trickster
  3. Highland rebellion
  4. Remnant of the past
  5. Omma
  6. The heritage thorne
  7. Huldran
  8. Total destruction


Label: Metal Blade

Genre: Viking Metal

CD review KING OF ASGARD "Karg"