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CD review BURDEN OF GRIEF "Unchained"

Veröffentlicht am 22. Juli 2014 von Markus W. in Burden Of Grief, Thrash Metal, Death Metal, CD Review, News, Heavy Metal

(8/10) Burden Of Grief  from Germany released already their sixth album a few days ago and they celebrate the 20 years anniversary this year too. Unfortunately the band from Kassel never had a real breakthrough. But they continously increased their fan base and had with the Metallica cover "Master of puppets" (from the "Tribute to the four horseman" album) also a real highlight in 2002. 

Now it's time for a new record. "Unchained" is the name of the disc and that's also how it sounds. Produced by Dan Swanö (Edge Of Samity, Witherscape) all nine regular songs hit the nail on its head. The album contains aggressive and powerful thrash metal tracks, which are produced in an excellent way. No limitations - just pure metal.

The opener "Awaken the nightmare" is starting with an acoustic guitar, before the first riffs join the show and push the song towards a cool thrasher without compromise. The title track is a heavy pounding song before another heavy riff introduces you to "Sounds of desperation". It's a mean slow start before the track gains pace and develops into an powerful but also melodic thrash anthem. I could continue this way since the other songs easily keep the high level. The 'Arch Enemy - like' "Operation eagle eye" as well as the epical "The final chapter" and  the grooving "Black evolution 666" are excellent metal tunes which are a pleasure for your ears.

The digipack comes with two bonus songs. One of those is "Neon knights" from Black Sabbath which sounds actually pretty cool. I had to get used to the vocals since I had the mighty Ronnie James Dio in mind while thinking about the song. But I think in the end it's an OK cover version, which is at least not a pure copy of the original classic.

The entire package is rounded off by the cover. Gustavo Sazes, who did already the art work for Arch Enemy- and Morbid Angel records, gave "Unchained" the right visual expression, which fit perfectly to the sound of the album.

"Unchained" is a positive surprise for me. Burden Of Grief released a really powerful album which, I think, is the best one in their career. Thumbs up.





  1. Awaken the nightmare
  2. Unchained
  3. Sounds of desperation
  4. Operation eagle eye
  5. Fearless heart
  6. The final chapter
  7. Yourheaven is gone
  8. Turmoil to the void
  9. Black evolution 666
  10. Another way to die (Bonus)
  11. Neon knight (Bonus)


Label: Massacre Records

Genre: Death Metal

CD review BURDEN OF GRIEF "Unchained"