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CD review VOYAGER "V"

Veröffentlicht am 18. Juni 2014 von Markus W. in Voyager, Prog Metal, Prog Rock, Rock, CD Review, News

(8/10) Guess how many records have been released by Voyager. Right - it's five. Actually "V" is the fifth one and it comes with 13 prog rockers, which all have a high quality in common. The band is not a rooky at all. Their success is growning with each record. "The meaning of I", the predecessor of "V", got great reviews and provided Voyager with some shows and festival appearances. 

The music of Voyager is intelligent prog metal, with the pleasure of not being too 'brain-oriented'. Sometimes those bands focus too much on technical details and musical complexity. Not Voyager. All their tunes reflect a high level of musical cpabilites, but they never loose focus on the song. They give their tracks mostly an almost pop vibe and a catchy melody.

The joy of the songs is the mix between hard riffs, great melodies and professional arrangements. Sometimes it sounds a bit like Saga ("A beautiful mistake") and sometimes the prog heroes from Dream Theater get some attention ("Hyperventilating" and "It's a wonder"). "Embrace the limitless" is one of my faves on the album. The melody in the chorus is just awesome. Catchy and heavy in one. And the song still rocks. A track I like too is "Peacekeeper". The song grooves a lot and it's the rhythm with drives the tune. With "The summer always comes again" the album also reflects the tender and emotional side of the band. It's a very sphereful track which has a beautiful soundscape. It is well done and shows that also 'ballads' doesn't need to follow boring steroetypes. The closer "Seasons of age" picks up the patterns of "The summer alays comes again". It almost feels like a seamless step into the next song. But after a slow start "Season of age" builds up to another heavy and riff-based rocker with a drum section in the end. It's the punching drum beats which finalize a greatd prog metal album. 

The album number five from the Australian prog band was produced by Matt Templeman at Templeman Audio. The sound and mix are absolutely OK. It supports the complexity of the music as well as the catchy melodies which are part of each tune toom.

For me a highlight of this year when it comes to prog metal. I think that it's the creative  freshness of the album which makes it stand out from other releases.





  1. Hyperventilating
  2. Breaking down
  3. A beautiful mistake
  4. Fortune favours the blind
  5. You, the shallow
  6. Embrace the limitless
  7. Orpheus
  8. Domination game
  9. Peacekeeper
  10. It's a wonder
  11. The morning light
  12. Summer always comes again
  13. Seasons of age


Label: IAV Records

Genre: Prog Metal


CD review VOYAGER "V"