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CD review NOTHING MORE "Nothing more"

Veröffentlicht am 24. Juni 2014 von Markus W. in Nothing More, Alternative Metal, Alternative Rock, CD Review, News

(7/10) I wonder how long Nu Metal can be seen as new. And what is the opposite of Nu Metal? Old Metal? I know, those are very philosophical questions. But when I listened to the new album from Nothing More exaclty those thoughts came up to my mind.

The San Antonio based quartet plays Nu Metal, which reminds to bands like Korn and Linkin Park, but also bands like Mars Volta and 30 Seconds To Mars seemed to be source of inspiration for Nothing More.

The album starts with a sample-based intro which leads the the first real song called "This is the time (Bombast)". Grooving guitars riffs dominat the tune, which is a good start into the album. Also the heavy "Friendly fire" rocks pretty well, while "Here's to the heartache" is highly melodic and quite catchy. The name of the song makes you thinking about a ballad, which isn't really the case. It could become a tune which gets quite some airplays. What I like too is the rocking and straight forward "Sex & lies".  The energy of the track is infectious.

But there are also tracks on the album which I think are a bit too trivial. "Christ copyright' is one of those. The tune doesn't really stick. The same goes for the Linkin Park copycat "Mr. MTV". The song is just too expressionless, at least for me. The closer "Pyre" is a downer too. I expected actually a nine minutes long impressive epos as a final statement on the record. But the first almost three minutes are just sound samples from 'wind', before some distorted spoken words start. The tunes continues that way. There is no guitar existing in this track and the whole thing sounds more like from a chill-out album. Experiemental! Yes, true. But not a succesful experiment in my eyes. I also have to say that the album is probabaly four to five songs too long. This is something which you will not hear from me too often, but with this album I had the feeling that I have heard it after ten tracks. 

If the category is called Nu Metal I have to say that Noting More doesn't really include a lot of new things in their songs. It's more a mix of existing success factors which they include and combine in their sound. And generally spoken, this is what they are doing pretty well and very professional.





  1. Ocean floor
  2. This is the time (Ballast)
  3. Christ copyright
  4. Mr. MTV
  5. First punch
  6. Gyre
  7. The Matthew effect
  8. I'll be OK
  9. Here's to the heartache
  10. If I were
  11. Friendly fire
  12. Sex & lies
  13. Jenny
  14. God went north
  15. Pyre


Label: Eleven Seven Music

Genre: Alternative Metal

CD review NOTHING MORE "Nothing more"