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CD review MADBALL "Hardcore lives"

Veröffentlicht am 27. Juni 2014 von Markus W. in Madball, Agnostic Front, Hardcore, News, CD Review

(8/10) One of the most important representative of NYHC are Madball. The quartet started already in 1988 and they are, together with the mighty Agnostic Front and Sick Of It All, one of the biggest influencers for hardcore along the east coast.

The new album, which is number eight, got the title "Harcore lives". The name says it all. Listening to the songs on the album it is more than obvious that hardcore is alive.

The amazing thing is, that Madball still transferes the same energy and rage as 22 years ago. Of course they got older too, but in this case it's more gaining experience by keeping the spirit of the early days. And they still have the same passion and dedication.

The 16 songs (actually 15 tracks + 1 intro) on the new album reflect all the typical trademarks of the band. They are straight-forward and right to the point. 'No gimmicks, just pure music' seems to be the motto again. Guitars are screaming, the shouts from Freddy Cricien are as good and powerful as always and the rhythm section creates a groove which is irresistable.

This time Madball also invited guests to perform some tunes together with them. There is e.g. "Born strong" which is an heavy and vital track feat. Candance from Walls Of Jericho. Simple and brutal the song blows your speaker. In my point of view the song has the potential to become a live classic for the band.

Madball also wrote/writes always relevant lyrics. Words are not only 'decoration' for the music. They are a relevant factor. The earlier mentioned "Born strong" is one example. It's about the fact that everybody has it's strength, regardless waht strength it is. And if you combine those with friends and family it can become even stronger. Or listen carefully to "For the judged".  It's a strong statement against judging and prejudging people based on gender, skin, habits,...

Conclusion: Madball released a great new album with hardcore anthems which are vital, energetic and without any compromise. A really cool album which should be checked by everybody.





  1. Intro
  2. HC lives
  3. The balance
  4. Doc Marten stomp
  5. DNA
  6. True school (feat. Scoot Vogel from Terror)
  7. The here and now
  8. My Armor (feat. Toby Morse from H2O)
  9. Beacon of light
  10. Born strong (feat. Candance Puopolo from Wall Of Jericho)
  11. Spirit
  12. Mi palabra
  13. NBNC
  14. The beast
  15. For the judged
  16. Spirit on your grave


Label: Nuclear Blast

Genre: Hardcore

CD review MADBALL "Hardcore lives"