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CD review ILLDISPOSED "With the lost souls on our side"

Veröffentlicht am 28. Juni 2014 von Markus W. in Illdisposed, Thrash Metal, Death Metal, CD Review, News

(7/10) Nothing new at Illdisposed. The death metal guys around founder and growler Bo Summer released another solid death metal record. 

Founded in the beginning of the 90's in Aarhus, Denmark, Illdisposed started to release records on a regularly base and can look back on 12 albums so far. "With the lost souls on your side" the five guys add another album to their discography. 

The production of "With the lost souls on our side" was in very experienced hands. It was Tue Madsen (Sock Of It All, Suicide Silence) who was responsible for the sound of the album. He secured the powerful expression of each song  and gave the album the needed punch.

The ten songs on the record (the digipak has 2 bonus tracks) are typical for the Danish band. Straight forward death metal tracks are what you can expecpet and what you get. There is a continuity obvious compared to the last release. On the other hand there is also no big development recognisable. You have to decide yourself if you appreciate this or not. But it's a fact that "With the lost souls on my side" contains solid death metal track with sometimes thrash metal arrangement, which are combined with the growls from Bo Summer. 

One of my personal faves on this record is e.g. the aggressive opener "Going down". Face-smashing riffs meet an irresistable groove which can lead to severe neck problem due to intesive headbanging. Another one is "Trugging at the heart". The tune has a merciless beat and is an aural assault. 

The new album is a solid staus quo. Fans of Illdisposed will also love the new album and can go for it without hesitation.





  1. Going down
  2. The way we choose
  3. Light in the dark
  4. I am what I am
  5. Trugging at your heart
  6. A dreaded pursuer
  7. The be dealt with
  8. On a cloded morning
  9. No more devil to show
  10. The plan
  11. Life equals zero (Bonus digipak)
  12. Reversed (Bonus digipak)


Label: Massacre Records

Genre: Death Metal

CD review ILLDISPOSED "With the lost souls on our side"