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CD review KISS "40"

Veröffentlicht am 31. Mai 2014 von Markus W. in Kiss, Hardrock, Rock, CD Review, News

(*/10) There will be no special introduction of the band this time. If you never heard about Kiss so far you should stop reading anyhow.

Kiss became 40 this year and this is for sure a great moment to celebrate the unbelievable career of the band. It was in 1973, when the first signing took place with Casablanca Records. This was the beginning of a rising star. They released their debut "Kiss" in 1974 which was the beginning of the "hottest band in the world". In the following years and decades Kiss sold millions of records, became 28 times gold for their releases and they are still in business. Their latest studio album "Monster" also showed, that they still breath rock'n'roll. Age obviously doesn't matter. 

So, Kiss celebrates their birthday with a compilation album, simply called "40". You could question why another compiation album is needed. The quartett released already quite some of them, next to a certain amount of live albums.

First of all you get value for money with this record. In total 40 songs (what a coincident) reflect the entire career of the band. Hits from the debut like "Strutter" and "Firehouse" are part of the tracklist as well as brand new material so as "Hell or hallelujah" from "Monster". Regardless of masked or unmasked, plugged in or unplugged, every period is reflected on "40". Also the more controverse discussed mainstream phase in the eights is is part of the album. And I still think that "Reason to live' is a great song.

The album also contains tracks, which haven't released in such a version earlier. "Deuce", "Cold gin" and "Crazy nights" are previsouly commercially unreleased live recordings and with "Reputation" the compilation also contains an unreleased demo version from 1977. 

"40" provides an excellent overview over fourty years of KIss. For collectors for sure a 'must'. All the others need to decide if they have a need for another compilation from the "Hottest band on the earth". Based on the tracklist the answer actually should be 'yes'.






  1. Nothin to lose
  2. Let me go, rock'n'roll
  3. C'mon and love me
  4. Rock and roll all night (live)
  5. God of thunder (demo)
  6. Beth
  7. Hard luck woman
  8. Reputation (demo - previously unreleased)
  9. Christine sixteen
  10. Shout it out loud (live)
  11. Strutter '78
  12. You matter to me
  13. Radioactive
  14. New York groove
  15. Hold me, touch me
  16. I was made for lovin' you (single edit)
  17. Shandi
  18. A world without heroes
  19. I love it loud
  20. Down on your knees
  21. Lick it up
  22. Heaven's on fire


CD 2:

  1. Tears are falling
  2. Reason to live
  3. Let's put the X into sex
  4. Forever (remix)
  5. God gave rock'n'roll to you II
  6. Unholy (live)
  7. Do you love me? (MTV unplugged)
  8. Room service (live)
  9. Jungle (radio edit)
  10. Psyche circus
  11. Nothing can keep me from you
  12. Detroit rock city (live)
  13. Deuce (live 2004)
  14. Firehouse (live 1999/2000)
  15. Modern day Delilah
  16. Cold gin (live 2009)
  17. Crazy crazy  nights (live 2010)
  18. Hell or hallelujah


Label: Universal Music

Genre: Hardrock

CD review KISS "40"