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CD review DUST BOLT "Awake the riot"

Veröffentlicht am 27. Mai 2014 von Markus W. in Dust Bolt, Thrash Metal, Heavy Metal, CD Review, News

(7/10) German thrashers Dust Bolt are back with a new album. They proof again that there is more than Lederhosen and Volksmusik in Bavaria. What you get with "Awake the riot" are in total 12 thrash anthems with a total running time from almost an hour.

As with the debut Dust Bolt sticks to their style. The focus is on oldschool thrash metal. This is maybe not very innovative, but it sounds very good.

The opener sets already the scene for the album. "Living hell" offers fast guitar riffs which could be also from Bay Area legends like Slayer. Or listen to the scream of the next tune "Soul erazor". Tom Araya couldn't do it better. Another highspeed tune is "Agent thrash". The title track is a real highlight on the album. Based on heavy guitars riffs and leads the song hammers out of the speakers. Some parts also reflect the east coast metal from bands like Nuclear Assault. So it's oldschool in the broadest meaning of the word. Well done . But Dust Bolt can also reduce the speed. "The monotonous - distant scream" is one of those moments. It's together with the close "Future shock" one of the longest tracks on the "Awake the riot". Starting with accoustic guitars only the song builds up to a Metallica-style rocker with a furious middlepart. Interesting are also the hoarse vocals from singer Lenny B. which are sometimes pretty extreme.You just hope that the guy doesn't loose his voice.

The music of Dust Bolt is, based on all the mentioned issues, not really new. You have the feeling, that you have heard everything already earlier from other bands.

But what I like with the album is the straight forward thrash metal, which reminds to bands like Kreator and Sodom. It's young and fresh on one side and traditional on the other. And Dust Bolt plays their songs with a lot of passion, which is remarkable too.

All in all an exciting metal album which is worth to check out.





  1. Living hell
  2. Soul erazor
  3. Beneath the earth
  4. You lost sight
  5. Agent thrash
  6. Living a lie
  7. Awake the riot - The final war
  8. Eternal waste
  9. Drowned in blind faith
  10. Worlds built to deceive
  11. The monotonous - Distant scream
  12. Future shock


Label: Napalm Records

Genre: Thrash Metal


CD review DUST BOLT "Awake the riot"