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CD review CROWBAR "Symmetry in black"

Veröffentlicht am 26. Mai 2014 von Markus W. in Crowbar, Pantera, CD Review, Heavy Metal, Doom Metal, Sludge, News

(8/10) Three years after "Sever the wicked hand" has seen the light of day it's time for a new release from Crowbar. Kirk Windstein and his three companions cleared out their agendas and focussed on the new album called "Symmetry in black". Windstein even cancelled his participation in the latest Down EP.

The result of all this are 12 doom anthems which are on Crowbar's thenth album. Each new song from the New Orleans based quartett shows the typical trademarks of the band. Slow, mean and heavy riffs are the base. Listening to the tunes makes you almost feel the southern heat. In addition to that you have Windstein's hoarse vocals which are on the one hand full of energy, but also sometimes almost fragile ("Amaranthine"). Crowbar seems to be like wine, the older the better.

Sometimes even some older Type O Negative and Carnivore elements shine through the song structure ("Symbolic suicide", Symmetry in white").

Already the opener "Walk with knowledge wisely" gives you clear indication of what to expect in the coming almost 50 minutes. The title track is called "Symmetry in white". Yes, it's the right name. It seems a little bit playing with words here. It's Kirk Windstein charismatic vocals which dominates the song. However, it seems that the focus of the band members on Crowbar is reflected in the songwriting. The entire album stands like a rock. I couldn't find a song which doesn't live up to the high standards - no fillers.

Actually "Symmetry in black" has even an acoustical intermezzo. Half way the New Orleans guys put "Amaranthine" on the tracklist. It's a quite nice break after the riff orgy you heard before. The tune spreads a great atmosphere and is full of emotions. But again, this is only a small break before the next groove monster "The foreboding" hits you directly. 

For me it's the expected great new Crowbar record. New Orleans sound at it's best and for me one of the top three releases of the band. Stop reading, start listening.





  1. Walk with knowledge wisly
  2. Symmetry in white
  3. The taste of dying
  4. Reflection of deceit
  5. Ageleass decay
  6. Amaranthine
  7. The foreboding
  8. Shaman of belief
  9. Teach the blind to see
  10. A wealth of empathy
  11. Symbolic suicide
  12. The Piety of selfloathing


Label: Century Media

Genre: Doom Metal / Sludge

CD review CROWBAR "Symmetry in black"
CD review CROWBAR "Symmetry in black"