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CD review THREE LIONS "Three Lions"

Veröffentlicht am 7. April 2014 von Markus W. in Three Lions, Hardrock, Rock, CD Review, News

(8/10) Another melodic hardrock album with AOR influences? Yes. Boring? No, not at all. 

Three Lions is the band of Vinny Burns (Dare, Ten, Asia) on guitar, Greg Morgan (Dare, Ten) on drums and Nigel Bailey on vocals and bass.

The guys wrote twelve melodic rock songs which they release on the debut of the band. Their musical history gives already a hint about the music. Dare and Ten are reflected in the sound of the band. Three Lions plays a bit harder than Dare and includes less dark and dramatic elements in their songs than Ten does from time to time. Next to those bands it's also a bit of Foreigner in the sound of Three Lions. The romantic "Two hearts beat as one" shows definitely some parallels with "I wanna kow what love is". Nothing wrong with it, just obvious and to mention. Other great songs are e.g. the rocking opener "Trouble in a red dress" which is build on an excellent melody. The chorus just sticks. This track is also the first single release from the new album. A good choice in my point of view. One of my personal faves is "Holy water" with an cool riff and a bit of a blues feeling. Whitesnake isn't that far away during this song, esp. in the verse. "Kathmandu", and this is not a surprise, has some Indian influences while "Hellfire highway" is another straight forward hardrock song with a gritty guitar and tight keyboards. The album has with "Sicilian kiss" also an instrumental which is a reference to the blues moments of Gray Moore - at least it sounds very much like it. A good and emotional track eventhough it doesn't reach the perfection of the six stringer from Belfast. 

The production was in the responsibility of well known Alessandro Del Vecchio. He gave the band a powerful sound. Del Vecchio produced a lot of bands in the last month and there was a tendency that those bands sounded similar more and more. Not this time. This is remarkable.

I like the album. It contains good music performed by experienced musicians with a sense for great melodies and hooks. "Three lions" makes appetite for more.





  1. Trouble in a red dress
  2. Hold me down
  3. Twisted soul
  4. Winter sun
  5. Just a man
  6. Holy water
  7. Two heart beats as one
  8. Kathmandu
  9. Made for one another
  10. Magdalena
  11. Don't let me fall
  12. Hellfire highway
  13. Sicilian kiss


Label: Frontiers Records

Genre: Hardrock

CD review THREE LIONS "Three Lions"