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CD review SEBASTIAN BACH "Give 'em hell"

Veröffentlicht am 17. April 2014 von Markus W. in Sebastian Bach, Skid Row, Hardrock, Alternative Rock, CD Review, News

(7/10) Former Skid Row singer and Broadway artist Sebastian Bach has a new album out in the stores. It's Bach's third solo studio record and it was produced by Bob Marlette, who already worked with bands like Alice Cooper and Filter earlier. 
The musicians who have been supporting Bach on the album are well known names like Duff McKagan (b), Devin Bronson (g) and Bobby Jarzombek (d). With John 5 and Steve Stevens the singer could also get very experienced guest guitarists on board. So, good preconditions.
"Give 'em hell" became a hardrock album with quite some modern metal elements. It reminds to the Skid Row release "Subhuman race" from 1995 and the question is, if this is needed or not.
The album has really good songs, but also tunes I don't like at all. For me Bach's new release became interesting half way. I was already close to give up when the first tones of "Push away" hit me.
The first for songs on the record  are not the best ones in the history of the singer. While the opener "Hell iside my head" is partly OK, the first single "Temptation" is one of the weakest tracks the blond singer ever put on an album. This song doesn't kick-start rock'n'roll passion and I was tempted to stop here. But...
 ... , as said, the middle part has really strong tunes. "Push away" is the first really cool rocker on this album. Slow and gloomy the song builds up to a powerful rocker, which has some moments of Guns'n'Roses "November rain". "Dominator" reflects nomen et omen. This song dominates the album. It's a hard rocker with an energetic guitar riff and great vocals of Bach. It shows the range of his vocals and he reminded me in the end of the chorus a bit to Vince Neil. "Had enough" is a soulful ballad which stands out. Maybe a bit standard but a beautiful melody. Also the April Wine cover "Rock'n'roll is a vicious game" is a slower song. The harmonica gives this track a Southern Rock touch which fits good. Actually in the bridge a bit like the older Skid Row. I like the song. I just wonder why they haven't started with those tunes, but maybe I missed something while listening to the album several times.
The end of the album isn't bad, but the songs are again a bit more average compared to the before mentioned ones.
I guess that there will be always a comparision between Bach and Skid Row. I personally like Skid Row and their street rock approach a bit more. For me the modern metal parts are nothing Bach should focus on. There are other younger bands who can do this better. The middle part proves: Coppler stick to your last.
  1. Hell inside my head
  2. Harmony
  3. All my friends are dead
  4. Temptation
  5. Push away
  6. Dominator
  7. Had enough
  8. Gun to a knife fight
  9. Rock'n'roll is a vicious game
  10. Taking back tomorrow
  11. Disengaged
  12. Forget you
Label: Frontiers Records
Genre: Hardrock
CD review SEBASTIAN BACH "Give 'em hell"