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CD review PET THE PREACHER "The cave & the sunlight"

Veröffentlicht am 18. April 2014 von Markus W. in Pet The Preacher, Stoner Rock, Space Rock, Doom Metal, Kyuss, Monster Magnet

(8/10) Pet The Preacher are probably not that much known so far. But this might change with their new album "The cave & the sunlight". Listening to the album makes you think that the desert is located Denmark. Why? The guys are from Copenhagen, Denmark and they play stoner rock in the best Kyuss way. 
Pet The Preacher combines very heavy doom riffs with a lot of melody and sing-along refrains. I would say that their roots are somewhere between Black Sabbath, Monster Magnet and the already mentioned Kyuss.
Very downtuned guitars meet a pumping bass and a powerful drumbeat. That's how it needs to be.
Looking into the songs I must say that I like the variety they offer on the album. There are for example the two very long tunes " What now" (more than seven minutes) and "The web" (almost nine minutes) which takes you on an exciting journey. Both songs have so many different elements, from heavy rocking parts to chilling spoken word elements, that time flies with these tracks. Very cool. 
Next to these two epical songs there are the straigh-forward rockers like "Let your dragon fly". It's the fastest track on the album which has the energy of an unstoppable locomotive. Other remarkable songs are the mid-tempo "Kamikaze night" and the space rock anthem "Fire baby". 
"The cave & the sunlight" is a cool record which I can strongly recommend. I think we will hear more from the band in the future.
  1. The cave
  2. Let your dragon fly
  3. Kamikaze night
  4. Remains
  5. Fire baby
  6. Marching earth part 1
  7. Marching earth part 2
  8. The pig & the haunted
  9. What now
  10. I'm not gonna
  11. The web
Label: Napalm Records
Genre: Stoner Rock
CD review PET THE PREACHER "The cave & the sunlight"