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CD review KNIGHTMARE "In death's shadow"

Veröffentlicht am 2. April 2014 von Markus W. in Knightmare, Heavy, Prog Metal, CD Review, News

(5/10) Knightmare is from Australia and plays melodic metal. The band was founded in 2008 in Melbourne and will release their debut in April this year.

It was the ambition of singer and guitarist Luke Besley to write and record songs which are based on several different influences and combine them to a unique sound. Now, in one or another way the band succeeded. The songs really combine different elements from classical heavy metal to progressive element. I felt reminded to Blind Guardian from time to time. The bad thing is, that Knightmare doesn't get close to the level of bands like metal institution from Krefeld, Germany.

After listening to the album I have to say, that for me it's a bit too much. It's too much going on in each song. And it feels like the different parts within a tune are attached to each other but do not really belonging together. I got a bit twitchy while listening to the "In death's shadow". It felt to me that the tracks need to be more straightened out and need to be more to the point.

Sound wise the album is OK. The band got a clear and clean sound. Maybe the rhythm section could have deserved a bit more attention, but for the rest it's nothing wrong with it.

Probabaly Knightmare had good ambitions, but I'm sorry to say: the album isn't really my thing.





  1. Cazador de hombres
  2. Granted death
  3. False prophets
  4. Apocalypse
  5. Knightmare
  6. Unity through choas
  7. Judgement


Label: Metalapolis

Genre: Heavy Metal

CD review KNIGHTMARE "In death's shadow"