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CD review HOLY MOSES "Redefined mayhem"

Veröffentlicht am 20. April 2014 von Markus W. in Holy Moses, Thrash Metal, Heavy Metal, CD Review, News

(7/10) For me female fronted thrash metal has three vocal icons. One of the them is Angela Grassow who did a fantastic job at Arch Enemy. Another one is Dawn Crosby (RIP) from Detente and Fear Of God. And last but not least there is Sabina Classen from Holy Moses.

Classen and Holy Moses are now back with a new album. The name of the record is „Redefined mayhem“ and contains thirteen thrash metal anthems. The constant factor in the band is Classen. Her voice is definitely one of trademarks of the band.
Let's have a look into the songs. „Sacred sorrows“ has some Exodus parallels while songs like „Undead dogs“ could become a fave for Kreator fans. Pure thrash metal. „Into the dark“ is a slower track on the album. It has a very heavy riff and supports the lyrics about depressions perfectly. Music and lyrics speak the same language. Holy Moses was always a band who had a message with their songs. „Liars“ for example is based on a poem from Heine and is a statement for resistance against lies and hypocricy. Another remarkable tune is „Delusion“, which is a very groovy thrasher and stands out by the polyphonic chorus. A cool track which could become a standard for live shows.
The album was recorded  in Thomas Neitsch own studio and the bass player also produced the new album. The mix and mastering was done by the well known Tru Madsen in Denmark. Those guys did a good job and gave „Redefined mayhem“ an excellent thrash metal sound with a good punch.
Eventhough I have to admit that the new album doesn’t reach the band's classics like  „The new machine of Liechtenstein“ and „World chaos“, "Redefined mayhem“ became a good thrash metal album and fans of the band will like it.
  1. Hellhound
  2. Triggered
  3. Undead dogs
  4. Into the dark
  5. Sacred sorrows
  6. Process of projection
  7. Fading realities
  8. Liars
  9. Redemption of the shattered
  10. Whet the knife
  11. Delusion
  12. One step ahead of death
  13. This dirt
Label: SPV/Steamhammer
Genre: Thrash Metal 
CD review HOLY MOSES "Redefined mayhem"