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CD review HIGH SPIRITS "You are here"

Veröffentlicht am 24. April 2014 von Markus W. in High Spirits, Hardrock, Heavy Metal, CD Review, News

(8/10) After a few demos High Spirits released their debut in 2011. The record was called "Another night" and was perceived very positive. 

But let's start from the beginning. High Spirits is the project of Chris Black, who is known from bands like Pharao and Dawnbringer. Based on a crazy idea Black started to work on a few songs years ago. The result ended in the earlier mentioned demos, which have found quite some friends in the underground.

After a single and the debut album the guy from Chicago worked on the second full-length disc, which got the title "You are here"

The first thing with this album is the cover, which looks like a part of the map from the Tube in London. It also could be misleading since it looks more like a record from a New Wave band. But High Spirits is definitely something else than this.

The first time I heard the album I had a bit of mixed feelings. In one or another way I liked what I heard, but it didn't really lit the spark. Now, after having listened to the album a few times, I have to say that it has it's moments. High Spirits is insprired by 70's hardrock bands like the early Scorpions and UFO. This comes back in many songs. "Reminding you of me" and "High spirits" are good examples herefore. But High Spirit also includes element of bands from the early days of the NWoBHM. Just listen to the grooving "The last night" or the fast "I will run" with it's parallels to the early Maiden. Another fave of mine is actually "Gone to pieces, which has the guitar sound of Head East's "If you knew me better". Not a very big surprise since also Head East has their homebase in Illinois. 

The extra benefit of the record is the fact that Black managed to create a real good vibe with his songs. It's easy listening stuff which get you into a good mood in no time.

All in all I have to say, that I started to really like this album. It might takes a while, but it's worth to give it a few rounds on the record player. For everybody who like the mentioned bands - check it out.





  1. When the light go down
  2. I need you love
  3. One thousand nights
  4. Reminding you of me
  5. The last night
  6. Can you hear me
  7. Gone to pieces
  8. I will run
  9. High spirits


Label: High Roller Records

Genre: Hardrock

CD review HIGH SPIRITS "You are here"