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CD review GO GO BERLIN "New gold"

Veröffentlicht am 25. April 2014 von Markus W. in Go Go Berlin, Hardrock, Classic Rock, CD Review, News

(8/10) Go Go Berlin aren't from the German capitol. They are from Silkeborg, Denmark and are since four years in business. The five guys stand partly for typical 60's and mainly for 70's rock. They release with "New gold" their debut album. The record was pretty successful in their home country, where it has been released already in 2013 and maybe they can get also attention outside of Denmark. I have to say that they would deserve it.

In total fourteen songs give you a good time. Rock music which is hard but melodic the same time. The band finds the groove and brings it into each tune. A good example is "Shoot the night". It's perfect rock'n'roller which reminded me in the verse a bit to "Demolition man" from Manfred Mann. The main theme is similar, but it's for sure not a copy. Therefore the tune has too much own identy and just rocks. What I like with the band are also the vocals from Christian Vium. He sounds a bit like Steven Tyler from Aerosmith, a band GoGo Berlin has listened to probabaly quite some time. "California mind" shows this source of inspiration pretty clearly. The same goes for the following ballad "Castles made of sand". Also remarkable is "Gimme you" with some keyboard elements reminding to The Doors. 
The band recorded with "New gold" an album which has no fillers and quite some killers. I can understand that it went into the Danish charts and let's see if something similar will be also possible in other countries. Listen to GoGo Berlin - you will not regret it. The soundtrack for your first spring barbecue party with beer in your hand and a steak on the fire.
  1. Enterlude
  2. On the run
  3. Shoot the night
  4. Darkness
  5. Waste of trying
  6. Raise your head
  7. California mind
  8. Castles made of sand
  9. Do you mind
  10. Gimme your
  11. I want you
  12. You you youHope for the hopeless
  13. Bad!
Label: Sony Music
Genre: Rock 
Photo: Morten Rygaard
Photo: Morten Rygaard

Photo: Morten Rygaard