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Veröffentlicht am 3. April 2014 von Markus W. in Diabulus In Musica, Symphonic Metal, Heavy Metal, News, CD Review

(7/10) When I hear 'Diabulus In Musica" I still have to think about the legendary Slayer record. But Diabulus In Musica is also a synphonic metal band from Spain. Founded in 2006 the band release already two full-length records and an EP. As well as their 2012 album the band also published the new disc via Naplam Records. The new one is called "Argia" and contains 13 songs. Actually it's 10 songs, one intro and two intermezzos. With 55 minutes you get a lot of value for money.

How about the music? As mentioned already Diabulus In Musica plays symphonic metal. It would be too much to say, that the guys from Spain are only a female fronted band. It's the mix between the crystal clear female voice by Zuberoa Aznárez and the grunts from Gorka Elso which creates the tension in the songs and the album. This becomes obvious in harder and faster songs like "From the ember". It's not really a new idea, but they perform in a quite good way. 
Another  remarkable song next to From the ember" is the silent "Maitagarri" with the focus on the female vocals and some folk elements - mainly added by the flute.  Also the spoken words parts make this tune special. Another fave of mine is the epical "Eternal breeze". It's a very melodically piece of music with a more relaxed verse which builds up towards the chorus. The contradiction to this song is the fast and furious "Mechanical echoes". It's the heaviest track on the album with powerful riffs. It almost seems like the tender, fragile vocals deserves a bit more volume in order to compete with the dominant guitars and the doublebass drumming. The symphonic metal of Diabulus in Musica goes even that far that "Encounter in Chronos maze" could be seen as a heavier version of a musical tune from "Phantom of the opera". It's a very dramatic track with Thomas Vikstrim supporting on vocals. Really a heavy musical track which sound quite good. This something new and for me it's the highlight on the album.
All in all "Argia" became a good album. The only issue is, that in general they aren't very unique with their music and the competition is quite tough. The future will tell us if the band will find it's place between genre icons like Nightwish, Delain and Epica. They would deserve it.


  1. Et resurrexit (Libera me)
  2. From the embers
  3. Inner force
  4. Furia de libertad (feat. Allyn GimÇnez)
  5. Maitagarri
  6. Sed diabolus
  7. Eternal breeze
  8. Mechanical ethos
  9. Spoilt yampire
  10. Enounter at Chronos maze (feat. Thomas Vikstrim)
  11. Healing
  12. Horizons
  13. Indigo
Label: Napalm Records
Genre: Symphonic Metal
Photo: Napalm Records (Promo)

Photo: Napalm Records (Promo)