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VADER reveals new album cover

Veröffentlicht am 20. März 2014 von Markus W. in Vader, Death Metal, News

Polish thrash/death metal band Vader revealed the cover of the coming album "Tibi et Ingi". Three years after "Welcome to the morbid Reich" the band returns with a new disc. Release date will be May 30st. Stay tuned.



01. Go To Hell
02. Where Angels Weep
03. Armada On Fire
04. Triumph Of Death
05. Hexenkessel
06. Abandon All Hope
07. Worms Of Eden
08. The Eye Of The Abyss
09. Light Reaper
10. The End

Digipak Bonus:
11. Necropolis
12. Des Satans Neue Kleider

Bonus 7“ Vinyl Version:
Side A: 01. Necropolis
Side B: 01. Przeklęty Na Wieki (Cursed Eternally)

VADER reveals new album cover