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DVD review BRIAN MAY & KERRY ELLIS "The candlelight concerts - live at Montreux 2013"

Veröffentlicht am 31. März 2014 von Markus W. in Brian May, Kerry Ellis, Rock, CD Review, DVD review, News, Queen

(9/10) It was in July 2013 when this DVD was filmed. Queen's guitarist Brain May played a show in Montreux, Switzerland together with musical star Kerry Ellis. In the Stravinski Auditorium the duo played a set full of Queen classics, ballads and cover version. 

The whole show as well as the earlier concerts in 2012 and 2013 have been named as the Born Free tour. 'Born Free' is the conservation and animal rescue organisation founded by Virginia McKenna and Bill Travers. Brian May is supporting 'Born Free' and by having the shows he together with Kerry Ellis created a bigger awareness for the organisation and animal welfare. It's good to see that people like May and Ellis use their popularity for these kind of social engagements. My respect.

The acoustical show is just May and Ellis supported in the background by keyboards. The songs are well chosen and are a good mix between silent and rockin ones. There are the Queen anthems like the awesome acoustic version of "'39" and "Love of my life". This just timeless music and it's always a pleasure to listen to these songs. The stripped down "Tie your mother down" got a totally new dress which makes the song even more attractive. "We will rock you" is the hymn which we know for so may years. Great to hear the tune with female vocals. Kerry does this in a perfect way and it shows the range of her voice.

Than there are other tracks like "The kissing me song" which was written by May shortly before the 2012 shows. It's a song with a faster pace, an awesome hookline and a chachy chorus. Ellis' voice fits perfect to this 'rocker'. With "Something" the duo interprets a song which George Harrison wrote for the Beatles and with "Last horizon" May wants to find out "how much noise he can make with this little baby", which his guitar. A cool instrumental moment showing the capability of the famous Queen six stringer and also how much noise he can make.

Kansas' "Dust in the wind" became a beautiful acoustic version which makes you dreaming. It's an wonderful interpretation of the classic rock ballad. "Born free" is a tune which is specially written for the 'Born free' foundation. The video in the background emphasis the importance of wild life and animal rescue. Thumbs up.

"Crazy little thing called love" rounds off an awesome evening in Montreux. I hope that this duo will do a few more shows and maybe even releases a album. There seems to be a magic between the two of them which is difficult to describe, but you can feel it.

I could continue writing about the DVD, but it's much better if you stop reading and watch this show. Great music performed by experienced and passionated musicians. This is a pleasure for your ears and eyes. Enjoy the show.




The CD, which is part of the package, was recorded already earlier. This concert happened in autumn 2012 and also contains a slightly different setlist, which makes the entire package exciting.

A nice package from the legendary Queen six stinger and the "first lady of West End". Beautiful music which is the perfet soundtrack for a relaxed Sunday.



Tracklist DVD:

  1. I who have nothing
  2. Dust in the wind
  3. Born free
  4. Somebody to love
  5. Nothing really changed
  6. Life is real
  7. The way we were
  8. '39
  9. Something
  10. Last horizon
  11. Love of my life
  12. The kissing me song
  13. Tie your mother down
  14. We will rock you
  15. No one but you
  16. Crazy little thing called love


Tracklist CD:

  1. Born free
  2. I love a butterfly
  3. I who have nothing
  4. Dust in the wind
  5. The kissing me song
  6. Nothing really has changed
  7. Life is real
  8. The way we were
  9. Something
  10. Love of my life
  11. I'm not that girl
  12. I can't be your friend
  13. In the bleak midwinter
  14. Crazy little thing called love
  15. No one but you (only the good die young)


Label: Eagle Vision

Genre: Rock 

DVD review BRIAN MAY & KERRY ELLIS "The candlelight concerts - live at Montreux 2013"