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CD review Various Artists "RONNIE JAMES DIO - This is your life"

Veröffentlicht am 29. März 2014 von Markus W. in Dio, Rainbow, Black Sabbath, Heavy Metal, News, CD Review, Metallica, Saxon, Judas Priest, Doro

(*/10) Time is flying. It was already four years ago when one of the biggest voices in heavy metal lost the fight against f**king cancer. A sad day for all real metal fans and friends. Dio was not only a singer with an awesome and unique voice, he was also one of the most honored musicians in the entire scene. How big the impact of the small man with Italian roots was shows the list of musicians on this tribute album. The list of contributers sounds like the who is who of heavy metal - new and old.

Songs which are known from earlier releaes already are "Egypt (The chains are on)" performed by Doro Pesch, Killswitch Engaged's version of "Holy diver" and Adrenaline Mob, who take care about "The mob rules".

Next to those known tracks there are really cool new interpretations. Anthrax recorded a very impressing version of "Neon knights". The mosh kings stick very much to the original version - and Joey's voice fits perfect to this song. Also Corey Taylor's more modern version of "Rainbow in the dark" is a cool track. 

But the real exciting songs are from the 'old' guys. The Scorpions recorded a beautiful version of "The temple of the king". And the same goes for Glenn Hughes emotional interpretation of "Catch the rainbow". The are slightly different from the original by spreading the old magic.

The real highlight is Metallica's medley. They combine "A light in black", Tarot woman", Stargazer" and "Kill the king" to a nine minutes long super song which is just outstanding. They managed to bridge the gap between 'stick to the original' and 'make it yours'. The songs are from Dio, but they sound Metallica. This is professionalism, passion and experience.  It's the best thing I have heard from the thrash veterans since years. Guys, please take this energy and make use of it while recording the next studio album.

Songs which are OK, but don't reach the other covers are "Straigh through your heart" from Halestorm. This was a surprise to me since they had already two excellent EP's with cover songs. The desaster in my point of view is Tenacious D with "The last in line". You might say that this is a special version of the classic, but for me it just awful - with a flute solo part. OMG.

But however, the album contains 14 excellent tunes (expect the mentioned "The last in line" version) and is a MUST in your collection. And last but not least you are doing also something good with buying this record, since you directly support the Ronnie James Dio Stand Up And Shout fonds. A real 'win-win'.




PS: "This is your life" also makes one thing obvious. Dio stays Dio and the songs sounds best when they have been sung by the master himself with his charismatic voice. The album shows how big the loss was and is.



Photo: Gene Kirkland

Photo: Gene Kirkland


1. “Neon Knights” – Anthrax*

2. “The Last In Line” – Tenacious D*

3. “The Mob Rules” – Adrenaline Mob

4. “Rainbow In The Dark” – Corey Taylor, Roy Mayorga, Satchel, Christian Martucci,

                                        Jason Christopher*

5. “Straight Through The Heart” – Halestorm*

6. “Starstruck” – Motörhead with Biff of Saxon*

7. “Temple Of The King” – Scorpions*

8. “Egypt (The Chains Are On)” – Doro

9. “Holy Diver” – Killswitch Engage

10. “Catch the Rainbow” – Glenn Hughes, Simon Wright, Craig Goldy, Rudy Sarzo,

                                       Scott Warren*

11. "I” – Jimmy Bain, Oni Logan, Rowan Robertson, Brian Tichy*

12. “Man On The Silver Mountain” – Rob Halford, Vinny Appice, Doug Aldrich, Jeff Pilson,

                                                    Scott Warren*

13. Ronnie Rising Medley – Metallica*

14. “This Is Your Life” – Dio

15. "Buried alive" - Jasta*


* unreleased versions


Label: Rhino (Warner)

Genre: Heavy Metal

CD review Various Artists "RONNIE JAMES DIO - This is your life"