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CD review SUNSTRIKE "Rock your world"

Veröffentlicht am 16. April 2014 von Markus W. in Sunstrike, Hardrock, News, CD Review

(9/10) To start with the conclusion isn't maybe a good thing, but I have to say that this album is great. I really like it since the very first round in the CD player.

SunStrike stands for awesome melodic hardrock. The band was formed in 2012 by Joachim Nordlund (g), Christian Hedgren (v) and drummer Johan Lindstedt. Joachim and Johan aren't new in the business since they are also playing in Astral Doors, the Swedish metal band. Also singer Christian could gather some experience with bands like Twilight Force.

The result of their work is the debut album called "Rock your world". The guys take a bit of Bon Jovi ("Power of the dreams" and "Roll the dice"), the early Europe ("Rock the world") and a bit od Treat during their "Dreamhunter" days. The beginning of "Fireball" reminds even to Pretty Maids "Red hot and heavy" before the keyboard starts and tweak the track into a hardrock anthem. In total the album contains 12 melodic hardrock songs which are all standing out. The songs sound fresh and spread a very positive vibe. Just listen to "Right track" and you know what I mean. Melodies and hooks are used in a way that makes the tunes really catchy, but never become too sugar sweet. The songs are still rocking. The album might loose a bit of power in the last third, but even those songs are better than a lot of things I have heard in the last month.

SunStrike are for me a big positive surprise and I can just recommend to give this album a chance. The soundtrack for sunny spring days.





  1. The power of dreams
  2. Rock the world
  3. Fireball
  4. Right track
  5. Roll the dice
  6. Rock it out
  7. Never let you go
  8. Higher
  9. Scream & shout
  10. Into the light
  11. Edge of life
  12. Heat of the night


Label: AOR Heaven

Genre: Hardrock

CD review SUNSTRIKE "Rock your world"