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CD review HEAVY TIGER "Saigon kiss"

Veröffentlicht am 7. März 2014 von Markus W. in Heavy Tiger, Rock'n'Roll, Hardrock, News, Punkrock, CD Review

(7/10) If you read names like Maja, Sara and Astrid you might think about a story from Astrid Lindgren. Wrong. The only right thought in this is 'Sweden'. Here we have: 3 girls - one direction. Rock'n'Roll.

The three girls founded Heavy Tiger in 2010 in Stockholm, Sweden. After releasing a first 7" called "Rock'n'Roll" on a small Spanish label the band releases now their debut called "Saigon kiss".

The album contains in total nine songs. This not hell of a lot and with 26 minutes the album is more a loner EP than a full-length album. But besides that I actually like what I hear. This has mainly to do with the power and the passion of the band which you can hear in each song. You get half an hour of straight-forward rock'n'roll. A mix of bands like Girlschool, with whom they are compared quite often, and a punk attitude in several songs. This mix trapaports a lot of energy. Sometimes I have the feeling that they don't even know where to go with all this energy.

The cooler songs on the album is the title track "Saigon kiss" and the grooving "Little sister" which has a kind of Billy Idol approach on the verse.

But there is also the one or the other track that needs maybe a bit more. "Seven days fool", which sounds unfnished and a bit too simple, is one example herefore.

The album was produced by Fred Estby at the Gutterview studios. Fred did a good job, since the sound fits exactly to what the songs need. Via Robert Pehrsson (see also this review on Markus' Heavy Music Blog) the trio came in contact with High Roller Records, which became the label for the bands debut.

"Saigon kiss" feels a bit like an unpolished diamond to me. Let's see, if they can make it  more shine in the future. So far it's 6 points for the songwriting and 8 points for the passion. That means 7 points in total.





  1. Saigon kiss
  2. Chinatown
  3. I'm alive
  4. Seven days fool
  5. Mover
  6. Rober of love
  7. Girls got balls
  8. Little sister
  9. Talk of the town


Label: High Roller Records

Genre: Hardrock

CD review HEAVY TIGER "Saigon kiss"