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CD review GOTTHARD "Bang!"

Veröffentlicht am 28. März 2014 von Markus W. in Gotthard, Hardrock, CD Review, News

(9/10) Album number two of 'Gotthard 2.0', or in other words: the second record with Nic Maeder as singer of the well known Swiss hardrock band. The question was, how the new album will sound. Will it be a continuation of "Firebirth" or will it sound very different? How big was the influence of Nic when it comes to the new songs. And last but not least Gotthard decided to collaborate with Charlie Bauerfeind, who is more known for metal sounds than for hardrock.

"Bang!" proves that Gotthard made everything right. The album is a logical next step after the "Firebirth". It is maybe a bit less hard than the last disc, but it rocks much more. And Gotthard tried out new things on the record. With the title track, which opens the album, the five guys play for the first time a fast boogie based song. It sounds really cool and is a great chosen opener. And there are more rockers on the album. For example "I won't look down", which is very much classic rock influenced and reminds party to Led Zeppelin's "Kashmir". Next to those hard rocking tunes the band also put a duett on the album. The song's called "C'est la vie" and Nic sings together with the unkown, but very talented Melody Tibbets. And there is for the first time in Gotthard's history a song on the album which extends the 10 minutes border. It's the last track on the album and it's called "Thank you". The 10 minutes epical track includes orchestral arrangements and is a thank you to all mothers. Interesting to know, that original idea wasn't to write such a long song. In the beginning it was a typical Gotthard ballad. But parts and pieces have been added and the puzzle was set together. In the end it became a highlight in the bands discography.

Photo: Martin Hausler

Photo: Martin Hausler

I mentioned already earlier that Charlie Bauerfeind was part of the production. Actually it was Leo and Charlie together, who are responsible for the sound. And they did a good job. "Bang!" got a clear and very powerful sound. Leo and Charlie gave the album a rocking sound, which fits perfect. Obviously a good cooperation.

I like the new album since it rocks. It's a good soundtrack for the coming summer. And it's very divers too, which makes it very entertaining. Thumbs up.


CD review GOTTHARD "Bang!"


  1. Bang!
  2. Get up 'n move
  3. Feel what I feel
  4. C'est la vie
  5. Jump the gun
  6. Sread your wings
  7. I won't look down
  8. My belief
  9. Maybe
  10. Red on a sleeve
  11. What you get
  12. Mr. ticket man
  13. Thank you

Label: G.Records/PIAS

Genre: Hardrock