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CD review STEEL PANTHER "All you can eat"

Veröffentlicht am 30. März 2014 von Markus W. in Steel Panther, Hardrock, Sleaze Rock, CD Review, News

(8/10) The new album of hardrock 'satirist' Steel Panther is called "All you can eat" and continues the journey which was started two records ago in 2009 with the debut "Feel the steel".  Steel Panther always remind me to a song from the earlier Whitesnake which is called "Wine, women and song". This goes actually very much for the band from L.A.. It could be their motto.

The lyrics are again focussing on party, women and sex. Steel Panther continues using their very explicit language, which is still a controversial thing. For me personally I have to say that it was a funny satirical approach on their debut, it gave another smile on "Balls out", but it starts now to get boring. It's like listening three times to the same joke. At a certain moment the story is told and it would be good to see the band on the next record with some more lyrical surprises.
Besides this fact the music is awesome. Much better than on the last record, Steel Panther found back to their old strength. This is writing straight-forward hardrock song, which are for sure on the same level as the ones from the glam bands of the 80's. Bands like Ratt and Mötley Crüe didn't write better tunes than the California quartet. The high quality of the music can be also recognised by the constantly growing amount of fans. Steel Panther gets more and more successful and are accepted by fans from many different metal sub-genres. It is the good time rock'n'roll which is highly appreciated by a lot of people. This approach is also the strength of the new album "All you can eat". My faves are e.g. "The burden of being wonderful". It's a half ballad with great hooks. Poison couldn't have done it better. I just say "I'm the Maserati in the world of KIA's". And there is the great sleaze rocker "Party like tomorrow is the end of the world". You have the feeling that the eighties are alive and the party is still ongoing. The ballad "Bukkake tears" has a lot of Bon Jovi while "Ten strikes you're out" is based on a typical ZZ Top beat and a bluesy six string. "B.V.S." is another musical highlight (not from the lyrics) of the album. The fast grooving hardrocker is right to the point and kicks ass. This is how we want rock'n'roll. Again "Wine, women and song" seems to be the leading cliche.
To sum up: "All you can Eat" is a cool hardrock album with excellent songs, mainly annoying lyrics and a perfect soundtrack for a good time.
  1. Pussywhipped
  2. Party like tomorrow is the end of the world
  3. Gloryhole
  4. Bukkake tears
  5. Gangbang at the old folks home
  6. Ten strikes you're out
  7. The burdon of being wonderful
  8. F***ing my heart in the ass
  9. B.V.S.
  10. You're beautiful when you don't talk
  11. If I was the king
  12. She's on the rag
Label: Open E Music
Genre: Sleaze Rock 


CD review STEEL PANTHER "All you can eat"