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CD review WILD ZOMBIE BLAST GUIDE "Salute the commander"

Veröffentlicht am 22. Januar 2014 von Markus W. in Wild Zombie Blast Beat, Thrash Metal, Metalcore, CD Review, News

(7/10) Normally I'm not the biggest fan of metalcore. There are highlights in the genre like e.g. Heaven Shall Burn. But in general I think that the music is sometimes too one dimensional (probabaly I messed it up now with all metalcore fans).

Wild Zombie Blast Guide is different, since the quintett from Wuerzburg, Germany (by the way: Wzbg is a nice playing with letters & words) combines different styles. This becomes understandable since the band consists out of members The New Black, Saltatio Mortis and ex-Cataract.

So I was curious what to expect when I got the album from Wild Zombie Blast Guide on my desk. Actually it sounds pretty good. The band mixes thrash metal with metalcore elements and some blast beat sections. I would name it thrashcore. The result are songs like the opener "Salute to the commander". The opener has some thrash metal soli, some metalcore shouting, but also a very cool grooving chorus. Wild Zombie Blast Guide isn't afraid to also include keyboards into their sound. They do this without losing the power. "Thrash it or trash it" is a good example for this. Keyboards kick-off the song, the guitar takes over and all that results in a melodic bridge with a real thrash chorus. The keys are coming back in "You've died before". The songs actually remind me a bit to In Flames.

"Damnation" adds another element to the range of Wild Zombie Blast Guide. The songs starts with a sample which also comes back during the song. The track itself is more grooving mid-pace based but has breaks, which helps to keep the tension in the song. All in all I can say that the album covers many different aspects and stays interesting from the first to the last song.  To broaden the spectrum even more "Birds of prey" reminds even a bit to hardcore, esp. the guitar riff in the beginning.

All this variations still fit into a bigger picture and doesn' feel actifically combined.

"Salute to the commander" became an interesting record with some cool songs. Give it a try.





  1. Salute the commander
  2. This is hell
  3. Under toxic skies
  4. Thrash it or trash it
  5. Mission complete
  6. Damnation
  7. Birds of prey
  8. End of prey
  9. End of your rope
  10. You've died before
  11. UTZA
  12. End of your rope (Funky horns mix)


Label: WZBG Records

Genre: Thrash Core

CD review WILD ZOMBIE BLAST GUIDE "Salute the commander"