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CD review MAJESTY "Banners high"

Veröffentlicht am 12. Januar 2014 von Markus W. in Majesty, Manowar, Heavy Metal, News, CD Review

(7/10) True metal never dies. Listening to the new Majesty album "Banners high" prove this statement. And in times when Manowar are more busy with their image and their ego, Majesty released with their new album an excellent piece of metal music.

"Banners high" is the first concept album of the band. It tells the story of oppression, resistance and liberation. Compared to others Majesty tells the story with ten songs. I like this straight forward approach compared to the spoken words- / battlefield- riders- frequencies of some others.

The only thing which lives up the real true metal cliche is the cover. Not the best one, but who cares as long as the music makes the difference.

And this is the case with "Banners high". After the intro the album starts very fast. "We want his head" doesn't make any prisoners. This is pure high speed heavy metal and a great opener for this album. "United in freedom" is a heavy and pounding anthem with a strong riff and a melody which makes it a great live song. Of course you can drag some comparisons with Manowar. Songs like "Pray the thunder" and "On a mountain high" clearly show where Majesty took their inspiration from. But as mentioned in the beginning. Majesty focuses on the music and not the whole irrelevant posing. With "take me home" Majesty also placed a ballad on the album. The song is, of course, acoustic based, has a good melody and quite some pathos. The album ends as it began. Powerful and heavy, eventhough "The day when the battle is won" has almost a kind of 'happy sing-a-long part. It's obvious that the battle is won.

I also can conclude that the battle for Majesty is won. "Banners high" is a good and solid metal album. Nothing really new, but performed in a good way.





  1. Judgement of the gods
  2. We want his head
  3. Banners high
  4. Time for revolution
  5. United by freedom
  6. Pray the thunder
  7. Bloodshed and steel
  8. All we want all we need
  9. Take me home
  10. On a mountain high
  11. The day when the battle is won


Label: NoiseArt Records

Genre: Heavy Metal


CD review MAJESTY "Banners high"