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CD review Chrome Division "Infernal rock eternal"

Veröffentlicht am 29. Januar 2014 von Markus W. in Chrome Division, Hardrock, Heavy Metal, CD Review, News

(7/10) You might know that Chrome Division is the rock'n'roll side of Shagrath from Dimmu Borgir. And it's the dirty kind of rock'n'roll they perform.

After having added already three records ("Doomsday rock'n'roll", "Booze, broads and beelzebub" and "3rd round knockout") to their discography Chrome Division released a few days ago their forth album called "Infernal rock eternal". What you get with this album is not a big surprise. It's 12 rock bastards and most of them are spot on. What is slightly different is the fact that the stoner elements from the former CDs is almost gone. What stays is the big portion of Motörhead.

The guitar based intro "Good morning riot" kicks off the album. It leads to the first highlight called "Endless night". With some interesting guitar effects the song becomes a grooving monster. To my surprise also meloncholic "Lady of perpetual sorrow" sounds really good. Starting as a ballad it builds up to a heavy but still melodic power song with strong guitars. For me the track has some parallels with the Black Label Society. Cool. Chrome Division is best when they keep the pace high. "OI' is one of those examples. The song is kicking-ass and has definitely some punk spirit. I think it's actually the best song on the album.

Next to those really cool songs there are also songs like "The absinthe voyage" which is more average. The same goes for "You're dead now". These songs just pass by, they are lacking energy and they don't stick.

To sum up: "Infernal rock eternal" became a good rock album even though I had the feeling that I have heard everything already earlier in a better way. But it's the mix of things which makes the album interesting. Look on it as a good soundtrack for your next party. Not more, but also not less.



  1. Good morning riot
  2. Endless nights
  3. (She's) Hot tonight
  4. The absinthe voyage
  5. Lady of perpetual sorrow
  6. The moonshine years
  7. No bet for free
  8. On the run again
  9. Mistress in madness
  10. Reaper on the hunt
  11. You're dead now
  12. Ol

Label: Nuclear Blast Records

Genre: (Dirty) Rock'n'Roll

CD review Chrome Division "Infernal rock eternal"